Found document in Arkovian Undercity, what is it?

Hello today I found at this lectern one of the documents mentioned here on the map at Dammitt.

Please click on “Anchient Lectern”.

I could open it by right-clicking and reading, it seemed like a lore note, but if I check my character notes with Grim Tools, there is no entry for them. I also got some experience. That means I did not have them yet.

It is not the forgotten passage.

I’m also sure that I’ll be clicking the desk after finding the passages and completing this quest several times. While Kilrian’s runs have clicked several times and nothing came out.

I found “Forbidden Art Part 3”.

What are these notes and why are they not saved in my list, which I can view at Grim Tools?


Find them all 3/3 and you will get the lore note :wink:

Yes ok, but which one? I have no unfinished in Dammitt’s list for Act 2 and 3?

Or are there still hidden?

There are 3, all in the Undercity, sometimes 1 on top before you enter the Undercity, all in lecterns. Find all 3 and you get experience points . None are lower than the 1st floor.

OK , can’t remove my post, I see that it’s not the Forgotten Passage.

OK thanks …

So these are coincidences and not guaranteed locations like the others.