Found out about Potent Sparkbloom Powder weapon augment: it's awesome!

So I was just min-maxing my Vindicator and I was torn between Potent Creed’s Cunning and Potent Malmouth Heart. On one hand, 25 flat lightning damage is nuts, on the other hand, bleeding resistance was of no use to me and 45 OA was a big damage boost on my glass cannon due to high attack speed/crit damage and few procs proccing on Critical Attack.

To my surpsie there is actually Potent Sparkbloom Powder that is sold in Malmouth that offers both flat damage and pretty big OA (on top of 90% elemental damage boost).

Maybe there are players like me who didn’t see this augment and find use for it after they read this thread :slight_smile:

It’s true that expansion augments are really strong.

Before, you had to choose between poison resistance and %OA, and then this augment was added! Here is a representation of the augments design phase:

(I hope you don’t mind being my meme inspiration Zantai! :D)

Too bad it’s only 7 flat lighting since flat elemental damage is divided by ice, fire and lightning. Still prefer Creed’s Cunning for a bunch of flat health and energy regen.

Not for my auto-attacking Vindicator, faster kill times for him means better survival.