-Freeze resist?

So there’s a 1h sword called Shard of Asterkarn, and the Night’s Embrace amulet that can lower enemy resist to freeze.

this stat does not exist on Gracefuldusk. are those the only two items in the game that reduce freeze resist?

Yes, only two.

my next question would be if something reduces “all” resistances by x% does that include freeze resist?

Only -n% freeze resistance will affect it.

are there any devotions or any other source of -% freeze resist?


Also, if you use gracefuldusk the term you can search for is -*% Reduced Freeze Duration.

i think that just locates the reduced freeze duration stat on your character, i was looking for lowering mob resistance.

EDIT ok got it that - makes all the difference. odd that they don’t just name it what it’s called in game, unlike every other stat

the other thing i’m curious about is items that reduce resistances in general, or reduce elemental resist. (i realize freeze is not included) how do you search that on gracefuldusk?

tried “reduces target resistances” and lots of combinations of that can’t come up with the right words. i know there’s gear out there that does that.

Try “reduce* resist*”
The wildcard asterisk in searches has saved my butt many times from spending hours searching through lists much longer than I needed.

not coming up with anything. i swear i’ve seen “reduces enemy resistances” or “reduces elemental resist” or something similar on pieces of gear

Reduced target resistance should show you both flat and multiplicative resistance reduction.

For a more specific debuff you can try -*% DAMAGETYPE resistance which is pretty handy.

Make sure to remove the quotation marks that I added. I used those to show what to put in the box but forgot to mention that they should be removed. Also, of course be sure to check all of the boxes (or the ones you want to search, at least, but I believe they are all checked by default), and make sure the sections are all expanded (they’re collapsed in my photo).

Edit: Also, try “-* resist*” without the quotes to search for everything that reduces specific resist. Between those two searches, you should cover all three resistance types (X reduced resistances, Y% reduced resistances, -Z% [type] resistance)