French player coming in

Hello everyone (and happy new year) !

I’m as the title says a french player who just just bought the game.

I have played Titan Quest IT quite a lot some years ago, and no other hack’n’slash ever managed to replace it for me (sorry PoE, sorry D3).
So i was of course very eager to try this one, and after a few hours, i’m loving it already ! :slight_smile:

Thanks to the Crate team for giving life to this game !
Now i’ve got to go kill some stuff and level up my haruspex, see you around everyone ! :slight_smile:

Soldier, i meant soldier ! :smiley:

Welcome around dear baguette !
(ça va la co’ en bretagne?:P)

Hello ElGeneral,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn!

Welcome ElGeneral and I quite agree with you regarding TQIT. Nothing else can match it, though GD is getting nearer and nearer. :smiley:

Welcome ElGeneral! It must a revelation feeling to stumble upon GD after all this while! I envy those feeling! Sometimes i like to watch stream of new player and watch their response after learnt a bit by bit of GD. It’s kind of fresh feeling!

Bienvenue sur le forum de l’aube sinistre, and happy new year :smiley:

Bienvenue, compatriote !

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome ! Il y a pas mal de français on dirait, c’est sympa !

Oui pas de souci ! :wink:

To be fair i had heard about it a long time ago, but it was in the very early stages of its conception i think, and it was far from sure that the game would ever make it to release. I had forgot about it and just saw it thanks to the winter sales ! Feel free to watch my stream :slight_smile:

Salut l’ami ! Bienvenue parmi nous, comme tu as pu le voir il y a quelques francophones qui trainent sur le forum :smiley:

Comme toi j’avais joué à TQ et je n’avais rien trouvé d’aussi bon depuis… et j’ai découvert GD !

Hi, and welcome to the game and the forum :).