Fresh meat!

Why hello there.
Fancy meeting y’all here.

Ever since I got my hands on GD, I’ve been brutally bereft of sleep and food.
In other words: Game is bloody brilliant.

I started digging into ARPG only just early this year.
Playing recent titles such as Diablo 3, PoE and maybe perhaps Torchlight 2 along with some obscure titles.

And I find the genre to be an absolutely blast.
The only downside of course, is that I cannot stand de-syncs in my games.
Which means Diablo 3 and PoE can frustrate me at times; Torchlight 2’s setting wasn’t my cup of tea so… that’s out of the window too.

Then came Grim Dawn.
Then came the strings of nights I’ve went without sleeping. ; u ;

I’m really looking forward into giving my all into this game, and hopefully to experience the full game with another player (wink wink).

Now if you would excuse me… I have a warden to murder.

Hello Inky and welcome to the forums!

Grim Dawn definitely is quite addicting as there are just so many builds to try out and so much loot to look for. Definitely had my share of late nights lol.