From Rags to Ritual - GrimDawnJohn's Cabalist


One of the first things I am going to try out is the new and improved lazy pokemon master build: Cabalist

Works best if your friend is demo to add some “Skellies on Fire” element to it

Either way - feedback om the devotions in this build is welcome; I believe these are all the relevant ones for any proper pet build

Are you a beta tester?

They are not. Testers have the Praetorian denotation under their forum name.


I’ve read about it on discord. You people are crazy. “Reserving” builds before the game is even released to public.

Well maybe not crazy, but they are looking forward to the expansion and playing it as soon as it comes out. So it makes sense to plan ahead, as long as they realize, as you pointed out, that things might change.

Though I highly doubt things will change radically at this point. :slight_smile:

It’s not about things changing or anything.

It’s just for a long time I feel like people treat this subforum as a patent bureau. You can’t just make a thread and post here, say, your DW gunslinging pyro, without people pointing that a very similar build was posted long ago. It has a good side of keeping compendium neat, but the whole “I was first” atmosphere irks me big deal. That’s why I can’t help but see this not as “he’s looking forward to expansion” but as “I reserve myself this build and don’t you dare to post yours before mine”.

Oh I see! Heh! Well, I just ignore those claims. I guess its so automatic for me I don’t realize I do it. :slight_smile:

Besides it’s not like anyone can enforce any claims to any build. How would they do it? :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Edit: It seems like the OP is just reserving a thread for once the expansion comes out and would like people to provide feedback on their proposed build.

Crazy? Yes
Excited about the expansion? Also Yes
Claiming first/dibs on builds etc? No (or at least not intended) - though indeed in the near future this post is supposed to grow into a Cabalist build

Sure I could go around posting 13+ of these threads for each possible new mastery combo, or more if there are different playstyles, but what is the use of that?

Rather I focus on one build, and make it more or less community build (same with my speculation/info gathering thread before grimtools was updated).

Anyway. I am looking for feedback on what the perfect pro-pet build devotion setup would be. The first version favoured Mogdrogen over Staff of Ratosh. is one that favours Staff of Ratosh over Mogdrogen.

Con: misses the nice howl buff / the +80% damage (though compensated somewhat by a +30% and +50% buff - not sure if that both tallies to x1.8).
Pro: does not mingle into the bleed damage, but rather sticks nicely to the aether-vitality damage types supported by the other devotions.

What are your thoughts? What other devotions may we consider?

It looks like you accidentally pasted the same link as the original build, btw.

The first thing that stands out to me is the lack of points in Vulnerability. When pets will be doing a huge amount of Vitality damage with all the buffs and conversion to vit, I’d invest more in that. My suggestions would be to remove some points from Hellfire, Storm Spirit, or Will of the Crypt (or a few from all three) and crank it up. Those skills add flat chaos/elemental damage or vitality% with survivability, but the %vitality RR will probably increase overall damage output more since the former skills scale in a pretty linear fashion.

Also, I would put a single point in Mark of Torment as an “oh shit” button or help against nemesis bosses.

Otherwise, I’m a fan. I’m on my phone, so I haven’t looked at the devotions yet (grimtools devotion page isn’t very phone-friendly), but something like this will be my first character in the expansion, so I’ll be using this thread as a resource.

Edit: Same with Blood of Dreeg and Aspect of the Guardian as well as Spectral Wrath. The flat damage gained by Hellfire or Storm Spirit could be replaced by that of BoD (AoE, works on pets too), and the vitality bonus with AotG helps also, not to mention the heal and resistance. The RR from Spectral Wrath will increase damage output more than the skills which were removed.

Here is a variant I came up with that doesn’t include Mogdrogen. Frankly, I think I like your constellation setup better, because losing out on all that OA from Mogdrogen might decrease DPS quite a bit, but this variation has a bit more defense with Behemoth included. I also added Manticore for flat RR.

I moved around some mastery points to include the following: Rotting Fumes (Blight Fiend) for the insanely high DA debuff (again, should increase dps much more than what is lost from removing other points), Spectral Wrath (should be 8 points with skill bonuses, as it is affected by diminishing gains after that point), 1 point in Dread for the range increase to Bone Harvest (can be skipped, I guess), 1 point in Mark of Torment for single target help and “oh shit,” and more Vulnerability, Blood of Dreeg, Aspect of the Guardian (discussed above). This cost us Storm Spirit, Hellfire (good for skeleton mages and flat damage, but outshined by the DPS gain of other skills), Bonds of Bysmiel (1 point to get the modifier, but the rest can be neglected in favor of simply resummoning if needed), Ember Claw and Infernal Breath (unnecessary, marginal), and 6 points in Will of the Crypt (that one hurts the most, so you can move some other points around to try to keep that one in tact).

All in all, with some +skill bonuses, this might change because skills like Vulerability, Spectral Wrath, etc. are affected by diminishing returns, so WotC can probably be maxed with endgame gear.

maybe a good Hybrid Vitality Caster:

Yes! Cabalist will definitely be my first build when the xpac arrives, there’s absolutely no doubt about that.