Fumble Mechanics Q (Circle of Slaughter)

Let’s say I have 10 ranks in Circle of Slaughter (Nightblade modifier for Ring of Steel). It says that gives a “33% chance for target to fumble attacks for 5 seconds.”

I had a few Q’s on this since there are ambiguous/conflicting answers online.

  1. Does that mean that for the next 5 seconds the target will miss on 33% of attacks?
  2. Or does it mean that there’s a 33% chance of applying a fumble status effect with an unspecified miss rate? And the other 67% of the time the fumble line does nothing?
  3. Does the miss-effect from “Fumble” apply to both melee and ranged? or just melee (With impaired aim being the ranged complement)?
  4. Does Ring of Steel hit and effect bosses? Or is it like Flash Freeze/Blade Trap?


Unlike blade trap fumble work on bosses.Circle of slaughter is applied always even at one pointer.Increasing points will give enemy more chance to miss.33% is the chance attack to miss.You can’t stack different sources of fumble.

I think fumble and dodge might stack multiplicatively though…not too sure about this.

But I would think that 50% fumble + 50% dodge = Does not give 100% chance to not take damage from melee attacks.

I think it would be 0.5 * 0.5 = 25%

I think if you have multiple sources of fumble,only highest applies.If you have 50%dodge and 50%fumble,then 75% of attacks should miss,but am not sure of this either.Malawiglenn should do the math and tell us:undecided:

I think that’s the case, and here’s why I think that:

  • I may be misremembering but fumble determines whether or not your attack will hit
  • Dodge determines whether or not an attack which SHOULD hit will be evaded

So if I have 20% fumble, it means that I have 80% chance to land my attack
If the enemy has 25% dodge, then he will dodge 25% of the above 80%.

Which means that I’ll only land 60% of my attacks.

What’s interesting is that fumble, dodge, damage reduction, and DA does NOT affect on floor procs like BWC, or aether fire.

Only %damage absorb (possession), or flat damage absorb can negate that (inqui seal)

it means that monster have x% to miss before OA/DA comes in

if you also have dogde: read this thread http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72814

So yes, mutliplicative

if you have 50% fumble on mob, and 50% dodge -> chance to get hit is 25%

Thanks all…so it sounds like it’s:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. ?
  4. Yes

Does anyone know if fumble works on ranged attacks? Or is that just impaired aim?

Fumble is for melee, impaired aim for ranged

I’m pretty sure ranged units can fumble too? I mean…if you stand in grava’s fumble pool as a ranged character, you can fumble no?

Impaired aim is when they attack but the bullets are shot off at random angles.

Or am I wrong malawiglenn?

I think you are correct, fumble is for everything that has a “check hit doing OA & DA comparison”

Fumble apply to everything except AoE (X meters target area in skill description). Radius means skill can miss through fumble, dodge and OAvsDA.
BWC can miss, btw.

For ranged units it’s a projectile deflection, same mechanics as fumble.