Fun builds anyone?

Hello, I am coming back after a few months… only played HC, and I am asking is there is any viable HC builds out there. Mind you, a fun build would be nice, but at this point I cant get past lvl 32 lol. I was gonna try Pleb mode… but there is just no fun in that for me. I hate dieing, but the challenge keeps me playing this game lol.

Anywho… any suggestions? I am practically Open to anything.

Alot of hc players and streamers dont use veteran mode anymore when leveling new characters. So Skip that, just play normal hc. Veteran is just a struggle if you dont have twink gear. And there is no ultimate veteran. For me its useless now, considering new acts are there also.

Use components for your items. Armor on belt is valuable. You can use purified salt for an aether res aura and imbued silver on offhand for a chaos res aura. Always take care of resists.

Poison cabalist sounds and looks fun in action. Dont play Aether Ray or Drain Essence for now.
Soldier + Shaman/Demo/Occultist = very strong but not sure about fun

Do this way:

New character, level it to level 2, dont do any quest but take your main skill.
Go to crucible HC, do 10 waves. take rewards + take devotion
repeat this step 3 (4?) times. And start the story after that. You ll have 3 devotions already and be lvl 10-12 with full greens and 1 shot everything.

There is a full hc guide on forums written by ForgottenGuy something. Find that. Try to play safer, if you have alot of debuffs retreat a bit etc.

Thanks for this :slight_smile:

If you have an intent of finishing HC with majority > all of the content.

Fun might go right out the window.

I ran a very flashy offensive-caster mage (AoE procs in my AoE skills) through HC Elite only to run into a roadblock in early ultimate, and was forced to undergo a massive overhaul (Beronath Physical dmg Caster) to make it viable again. And is currently grinding out levels to be able to equip the items needed to fit her overhaul, and will be parked indefinitely until I complete her recommended gear.

If that sounds fun for you… be my guest.

My poison assassin/ninja role-play Witch Hunter is decking out pretty good damage Ultimate, but will most like fall as soon as anything significant actually touches her. I will most likely consult the forums again on how to salvage her situation.

So you see, HC and fun at higher levels doesn’t seem to like each other. :smiley:

Try totem+wind devil warder/druid