Future DLCs

Well, in my wettest dreams i’m seeing a classic crpg (Baldur’s Gate / PS:Torment style) as a direct prequel to GD, about the event’s that transpired into the Grim/Glorious Dawn, probably even from the Aetherials’ perspective (and with an Aetherial as the protagonist :slight_smile: ).

Sweat dreams…

Would love more variety of endgame.

I’m fine with them stopping on expansions after Forgotten Gods. I imagine they’ll do bug fixes and balancing patches afterwards as well but I have to wonder how long they’ll continue to support the game with changes to items/skills/devotion etc. or even if we can continue to expect more free/smaller content updates such as the recent item sets or new Bosses/areas such as Kra’Vall or the Ancient Grove.

Well, maybe if they see a need for them to be added, but I can’t see it being worthwhile otherwise. Some patches/balancing yes, I’m sure Crate will do that, but unless there’s a reallly good reason why they need to add 3 or 4 extra sets or another rogue dungeon I can’t see them happening. Of course they may surprise me yet again (as if they haven’t done that enough already! :eek:), but to me their efforts along those lines are better put towards a GD2 or other RPG game in the future. And we’re back to the question that started this thread - do they give such content away free earning nothing from it but the fans’ gratitude or do they charge for such small DLC’s? How many of the fans are going to want to buy 3 new legendary sets or a rogue dungeon? Crate is first and foremost a busiess, their work has to bring in money to pay bills, salaries, etc.

Even as far as balancing patches/bug fixes go, I still have to ask when they will decide that no more needs to be done or they consider the game is in a good enough state to move on from it as these are rather different to free content updates or expansions as they don’t involve developing new assets for the game but rather tweaking the ones that are already there.

That we will have to wait and see. :slight_smile:

I can see them adding free content after FG like a rogue dungeon (unless FG has a rogue dungeon, Eldritch themed, please?), but i would be fine if they stopped adding more content after FG.

Everybody eventually gets tired of working on the same thing and starts to want to work on new things.

No FG rogue planned.

There should be at least 1 more paid DLC (smaller than the expansions) focusing on going to Aether hold by some means (yes i read Zantai comment that its not a physical place!) and duking it out with the Council of Five.

I can see this as an extended end game questline, post Malmouth where with Anasteria help (or if you sided against her maybe the Aether guy you release in Fleshworks) find the means to get yourself in the Aether. Then its a long rogue like uber hard dungeon with the 5 either battling together or separetly. Concluding with some stalemate for the time being, leaving things open for GD2 but at least giving some closure.

I would gladly pay whatever price they ask, but i can see this being 6-7 EUR priced at most.

It should take relatively little effort, as the only new assets needed would be the Aether hold mobs (a few reskins of ghosts) + Council members + Aether environment itself.

From the 13th April:

“Will there be more DLCs in the future?
That’s too soon to tell. Just as when we were working on the first expansion we weren’t really ready to commit there’d be a second and that was entirely based on sales. So if expansion two does so well that we can’t possibly not do a third expansion, we’ll have to think about that. But in terms of the major story points we want to tell Forgotten Gods is kinda the culmination of some really big things we’ve been teasing along the way. And I wouldn’t say the story comes to an end, but it certainly does come to a major climax.”

Zantai’s already said they’re not tying up the story.

I expect he’s having a good laugh when he reads this thread. All this speculation and Crate have probably got 3-4 projects in various stages of development. It makes sense because they’re not going to finish off the town builder and then say “will what shall we do next?”. :smiley: That’s not how Crate rolls.

ARPGs are certainly one of my favorite genres of game. There really aren’t that many out there worth playing (our out there period), and those that are are getting pretty old.
With what we know so far about Crate’s plans, I do worry about the future of Grim Dawn, what with them allegedly getting burned out and all.

The fact THQ Nordic released an expansion for TQ after all this time (regardless of how some may view its quality) was a pleasant suprise for me (especially since I had been wanting a Norse-themed expansion since even before Immortal Throne’s release).
I know THQ currently holds the rights to the franchise, but I’d always hoped to see a Titan Quest 2. It’s probably too much to ask to see that come from Crate, but without veteran TQ devs it just wouldn’t be worth it, IMO.
Granted, TQ’s a cult classic and not really a huge money maker, and THQ has already proven they’d rather not do a whole lot of work on the game. Since TQAE was a passion project (or so they say), I think they’d probably be open to relinquishing the rights. Only one way to find out, eh?

It just always seems like ARPGs are developed, get one or two x-pacs, and then get dropped like an ugly baby shortly after, which is a damn shame since they always have so much potential for further development.
Suffice it to say, if “the next game” isn’t an ARPG, I will be “moving on” as well. Unlike some consumers, I’m not so quick to give up on a genre I love.
That’s nothing new for me though, we’ll just have to see what comes out of the cutting room floor.

Well, they’re not burnt out yet, but changing to doing other things will certainly help prevent that. Also having other projects helps broaden their franchises and makes better use of the team’s time as just working on one game sometimes means there’s not enough for all of them to do. Medierra summed up his thinking back in November 2016:

As Zantai has said before each expansion sells less well than the last so it’s a case of diminishing returns for the same amount of work. So there has to come a time when you say that’s it and move on to something else or start something like GD2.

As for Crate doing TQ2 I can’t see that happening. Nordic have done a lot with the game: AE edition, an expansion, it’s been ported to mobile and all the consoles. Plus they bought the company that made the expansion for them. And why would Crate bother to buy the intellectual rights? I’m sure they can come up with their own twists for something along similar lines that wouldn’t break any copyright.

My trustworthy senses tell me FG will not be the last content for GD. They would still add some balance patch one small area content like Kraken and 3 sets mythicals. After that the game should be okay in content and size. adding More will make game very long.

After forgotten gods, even immortal people like Zantairin will look for greener pastures. Quite certain the team’s mind is exhausted by now after branstorming and carefully crafting the final holy mastery.

After FG they can be assured sales will surpass there expectations, most fans happy and then they can move on to other project. But before everything ends first crate, let me get ny hands dirty with the holy goods;)

Sales have already passed their expectations. :smiley: Iirc Zantai or Medierra said they were hoping for around 200,000 copies sold to break even. Steamspy has nearly 1.5 mil sold, not sure if that includes Crucible and AoM or just the base game. And that’s not taking into account the GOG sales.

always online medea ? i admire your resiliency and perhaps no sleep? i think of all you are the most excited for the expansion yeh. that being said crate should update us with sales figure so rich people,not me, can see if they need to buy more dlcs to support the game. if this done the forgotten gods being last major expansion , lets assume, will be top quality and blow our minds and grim dawn rpg will leave good taste flavor in our mouth forever and ever

Only because I’m now a moderator here, though I’d be popping in several times a day anyway. It’s more that I’m on my PC all day so I’d visit this and my other forums on and off throughout the day while doing other stuff. When I accepted Zantai’s offer to become a mod it just made sense to me to simply log in first thing in the morning and then keep the forum on a separate tab all day so I can react quickly to spam and other stuff if needed. So that’s what I do. But yeah, I guess I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment since I’m around from 7am to between 10 or 11 at night. But the only reason I’m up that early is because my husband leaves for work at an ungodly hour. :eek:

FG will be top quality regardless of people buying more copies (though of course that always helps) - Crate don’t roll any other way.

Not sure I’m the most excited, but I’ve certainly been enthusiastic about Crate and the game ever since Medierra had this crazy idea to let people buy into the game early. :slight_smile: I’ve found it very interesting watching how the game’s developed, the team’s grown, how Crate have interacted with the fan base, etc. It’s been a totally new experience for me since I’d never done anything like early access to a game before. I’m looking forward to all that continuing with FG and their other projects in the future.

And hey, us oldies have to have something interesting to do. Guess this is mine. :wink:

Fair enough, but when you compare GD to the games mentioned in your quote, you realize it actually doesn’t have much competition.
Runic Games, the developer of Torchlight 1&2, was dissolved last year; Marvel Heroes was shut down; Lineage Eternal had to be rebooted and is still in development; Victor Vran is a very different kind of ARPG (not my thing either); Van Helsing wasn’t received too well; Path of Exile is online-only, so that’s a no-go; Diablo 3 is also online-only and its playerbase is declining. All of this kind of proves my earlier point about ARPGs, if you think about it.

Wolcen is really the only one that looks promising, and I’ve been following it since the day it showed up on Steam. Due to that, and the fact I already dropped money on it (something I almost never do), I hope it pulls through to become something amazing. Fingers crossed…

There really aren’t that many ARPGs out there, which is just another reason why I’d like to see development on this one continue, or another one from the same company. Or just another one, period.

I love Titan Quest, so I appreciate that the game was actually “revived”, in a manner of speaking.
That being said, THQ Nordic’s efforts have been… rather lackluster, if I’m being blunt.
The Anniversary Edition, while being a ‘definitive edition’ of sorts, added very little in the way of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes.
Storage lacks a sort button, act progress still randomly gets erased and fragmented, items still fall through the ground (though this is likely an engine issue).
This would have been a good opportunity to add the number of rarity filters Grim Dawn has, including that little button on the left, but we received no such thing.
Grim Dawn also combines components across all bags, TQAE combines relics / charms across only one bag using the sort button.
You know what would also have been nice? A little character list on the right (sound familiar?) that allows you to see all your characters and select one without having to press an arrow button repeatedly.
What we did get was a game speed setting (that I do appreciate) and a new UI layout that reuses assets. Good thing they still let us use the old one.

I talked a bit about the expansion already. Although I do feel it was needed, it was of lesser quality than the base game and IT: The voice acting, while not entirely out-of-place, is noticeably worse; Many textures lack that characteristic TQ bump mapping so there isn’t much artistic consistency in the expansion; The new equipment icons are atrocious (with the exception of accessories); I noticed a number of typos (which were later fixed, thankfully); Assets are heavily reused; Certain new enemies were given static death animations when they really should have ragdolled (play it and see what I mean); and numerous less-noticeable things you might consider ‘nitpicking’. But what can I say? I’ve an eye for detail.

I’ll admit I wasn’t aware of the mobile and console ports. I’m sure they’re just as buggy, however.

I can’t imagine the IP would be very expensive at this point, but I was simply throwing it out there.
They probably could come up with something similar (an ARPG based on mythology), but I wouldn’t expect it. I wouldn’t expect a game like that from anyone at this point, sad to say. The only other game like that is Loki, which came out a year after TQ and yet somehow managed to be infinitely worse.

On a side note, Sacred 2 is one of my favorite ARPGs, and I’d kill for that one to get an “Anniversary Edition”.
Would be nice to have that memory leak issue fixed after a whole damn decade…

Well, Medierra’s comment was nearly 2 years ago now. Things change. I’m intriged by his comment about GD related games that aren’t quite ARPGs. Maybe we’ll be seeing something on one of those at some point in the future. Pretty sure the town builder won’t be the only other project the team are working on. It’s just good business sense to have other projects under development though what they may be we will have to wait and see.

I think Nordic itself it pretty lackluster. I was frankly surprised when they bought the AE version out. Saw a demo of the mobile some years back and we all had a good laugh about it over on the old TQ.net forum because skills were all mixed up. Haven’t played the expansion much since most of my characters haven’t reached it yet, but some of the voice acting is pretty bad. None of it tops the cheesy speech by the oracle in Delphi though. :smiley: Console versions (except for Switch) were released in March


Not sure how much work they did on AE themselves apart from incorporating all the various bugfixes and other stuff the fan base community had made for the game.

let’s talk titan quest because gd and tq are related by blood. Do you think tq will have future dlc’s or is the crappy ragnarok the end of its line.

I don’t think it should because the new expansion has made the game long enough. Any more and it just becomes unwieldy and people will get tired of trying to finish it. Better they move on to a TQ2 or something similar.