Game crashes on AOM intro

Hi, the game keeps crashing on normal difficulty when i talk to inquisitor creed after defeating the Loghorrean. When the intro should start, the screen becomes black and the game crashes. I don’t have forgotten gods installed.

There is something i can do? Thanks in advance

Some help here please?
I already tried to check file integrity and reinstall game.

Don’t know what to suggest if you’ve verified the game files and tried a clean installation. Is this recent or been happening for a while for you?

There was a bug a while back where the intros were causing problems, but that’s been fixed since. Make sure any anti-virus programmes aren’t messing with the .exe file. Exclude GD/Steam from being checked by them.

Navigate to this location…

…cut the .ogg file out of the folder and drop it elsewhere (maybe on your desktop). Now run the game and you should be fine. Noone really knows why some people seem to have trouble viewing this intro video in-game and as far as I know this is the only reliable workaround.

It is all about video codecs. Some old codecs from popular codec packs do that crash imho. I unfortunatelly also have to delete this video file from my SSD. It’s a shame cause I really like it…

Possibly. Then again I (and others) have recommended installing some codecs packs in the past for others to no avail yet the video has always played for me no matter whether I’ve just used default Windows or installed 3rd party codecs.

Hard to say.

You don’t necessarily have to delete it… just pop it onto your desktop or wherever and view it with just about any video player on your system. It should be noted that Windows Media Player won’t play .ogg files by default - but I think most any other 3rd party player (like VLC or PotPlayer etc) will.