Game freezes when opening stash,blacksmith, devotions page and shrines

Hello all.

In game i have been experiencing 1-2 second freezing whenever I open my stash, any blacksmith, devotion page and when clicking on any shrine. I have tried disabling cloud saves, tweaking graphics, verifying my game files, running the repair.exe. As a experiment I backed up my saves and disabled the cloud saving in game and in steam. When I started a completely fresh game I was able to open everything fine and it was immediate. I also then copied a character file to this fresh start without any stash or formula saves and this to worked. I thought I had it fixed so I brought over my stash and formulas and the problem started again. Does anyone have any kind of feedback for me. I have been playing it like this for awhile. But I would hate to lose my components and formulas. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

I also had this issue - especially at the Blacksmith, where loading could take several seconds. That was mitigated by increasing my RAM from 4 to 16 GB. Loading all my blueprints still takes a split second, but it’s much better now. 16 GB is probably not needed - the recommended RAM for Forgotten Gods is 6 GB. For better performance I guess I need an SSD, or a new PC as mine is 10 years old.

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I have 8gb of ram. I don’t use GDstash so it’s pretty full of components and some gear. I may have to buy more ram and see if that fixes it. Other than this quick freezing the game runs perfectly fine.

Due you have excessive amounts of health and energy potions in your stash? Like 1000 or more? Before you spend any money, maybe try if the issue persists after you have transferred them to another char.

I will have to look when I get a chance. I’m sure I have hundreds of some components and possible potions as well. Thanks for the advice

This might be a CPU issue. I’m experiencing these short delays (1-2 seconds) when running GD on an AMD A10-7850k with 16 GB RAM. On an Intel Core i7-920 with only 6 GB RAM however, the delay is barely noticable (both game installations are on an SSD)

I have an i5-8400 RX580 and 8gb currently no ssd sadly

The blacksmith one is normal (happens every time to me at least), the other freezes are probably because of your lack of SSD.
They aren’t expensive nowadays so I’d really look to buy one ASAP.