Game gets dark and no in game menus work

My game will go dark by getting dimmer as I play along with all in-game menu keys not working even the ESC key doesn’t work. I can’t open skill of character menus. All I can do is hit ctrl-alt-delete and end game task to restart game. This is not a day-night in-game cycle thing either.

Have you tried to Verify Integrity of Game Files?

No but i will try that.

Are you playing custom games? Mods? Sounds like you’re opening the console.

I have one mod running. Smash and Grab.

OK well, you must be opening the console then so… Stop doing that. Avoid pushing ~ (tilde) key, you cannot rebind the console key

OMG, thank you so much. I have big hands and must have been hitting it when i use the #1 key. All i had to do was hit it again to go back to normal. Learn something new all the time with this game.
Thank you

Tilde is used commonly for many games to open the command console.

It’s disabled in the main campaign/crucible modes, but modding does enable its use. :smiley: