Game guide is wrong?

The game guide says for every point of Cunning you get +35% physical modifier.
I have 399 cunning and in game it says my modifier is 150.8% but 399*.35=139.65 not 150.8 to get ~150.8=399*.378
Guide says pierce is modified by .33 but
399*.33=131.67 not 142.7 to get ~142.7=399*.3577

So my question is what is the exact scaling for spirit and cunning? I would like to know because I am trying to make a grimcalc usng excel that also takes into consideration your damage multipliers

Get out the modding tools and check for yourself?

I’m too stupid I can’t navigate the tools, I’ve spent literally 30 hours (6 hours a day across 5 days) trying to figure out the tools and I’ve ended up with nothing.

Creating this grimcalc is really easy, it’s just abusing lookup and logical test formulas and entering in raw data (which is the time consuming part)

I tried figuring it out using stats from level 1 character and starts off fine but after about 200 in a stat the discrepancy becomes too big

Game Guide updated with % values that match recent patches.

Is this what will be in

Because it doesn’t quite match what the tooltip shows in hotfix 2. I see the same thing OP is reporting.

Game guide is ~3% less then what shows up in game

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Which one? They’re rounded to the nearest 100th in the guide so there’s a small margin of error.

Did you recently edit it like in last couple hours?
I swear it said that for each point of cunning physical damage increased by 0.35 not 0.38… And pierce damage increased by 0.33 not 0.36…

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If you didn’t refresh the page since I updated it, you wouldn’t have seen the new values.

I think I was just having troubles with cookies or something/internet not loading properly

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There is still some (relatively) significant variation between game guide number and game number: it varies from 0.2-3% difference.

even when i take my cunning up to 865 then do the following
Even when I use that ^^ as my multiplier and then round the answer to 1 decimal, my results still vary from what’s in game at random points;

Example I put in excel =ROUND(4670.377341040462428;1) I get 176.2, but the game says 176.5 off by -0.3
If I put =ROUND(467
0.38;1) then I get 177.5 off by +1
if I put =ROUND(467*0.378;1) then I get 176.5 which is correct rounding to 1000s is illogical 3 rounds down

if i try =ROUND(5620.378;1) get 212.4 game says 212.3 off by +0.1
0.38;1) = 213.6 off by +1.3
=ROUND(5620.377341040462428;1) 212.1 off by -.2
0.3777;1) =212.3 which is correct but that is rounded off to 10000s is illogical 4 can’t make 3 round up to 7

=ROUND(6920.38;1) 263 off by +1.8 game says 261.2
0.377341040462428;1) 261.1 off by -.1
=ROUND(692*0.3775;1) 261.2 correct but rounding to 1000s is kinda illogical 4 could make 3 round up t 5 but then it isn’t following the patter of rounding to nearest “10” all of a sudden it’s rounding to nearest “5”

In short the game is doing something really weird and your rounding off to multiplying by .38 has a pretty significant margin of error that gets bigger and bigger and whatever % per point you are using makes no sense and it is impossible to figure it out with a consistent margin of error.
i’m sure if cunning went over 865 then the margin of error from my number would probably become exponentially bigger

Let me know if that makes no sense i’ll try thinking up another way of explaining it