Game UX/UI is so buggy you can't even play

  • On the main menu, first pop up message you see: “Welcome to the Farthest Frontier…” etc etc. When clickling on the FORUM link it automatically opens about 16 tabs (forum)? on my computer for some reason bruh

  • When creating a NEW SETTLEMENT it took me about 10 minutes to choose a TERRAIN since UI is total garbage. So buggy you can’t even CLICK the desired terrain.

  • When randomizing the terrain seed the desired TERRAIN also rerolls?? I just want to change the seed not the terrain BRUHHHH

  • When ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME AFTER HAVING SO TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE ON THE MAIN MENU … (bruh) Thing seem ok ig. But random pop up messages when villages do shit and stuff are kinda annoying. LIKE, they are TOO BIG ok i get it MY VILLAGER DIED but ok. let him do whatever he wants bruh. :mask:

Not sure what problems you’re having. Do you mean the link for the Game Guide? That’s the only forum related item on the start page.

If you go into the Advanced Settings you can choose the type of terrain you want to play.

Of course if you choose Random then yes, it rolls a random map type. And if you reroll a Random map yes again, it will reroll the type and not keep the same one. If you choose Arid Highlands though for example and reroll that then the game will reroll an Arid Highlands map for you.

You can turn off any/all notifications in the Settings under Interface.

I’m sure the link is for the Forum but yes for some reason instead of opening 1 tab it spams +10 tabs and everytime i tried to go back to the game again same thing one hundred tabs on my computer browser. I’ll see if I’m able to record it too but it was really annoying.
Ok i get the terrain thing. Just letting you guys know what i experienced.

Verify the game files, see if that helps.

The game guide is on the Farthest Frontier website which is different from the forum here. Clicking on that ingame will take you to the game guide.

If you’re referring to this pop up, I just tested it and it only opened a single tab. Sounds like a problem with your computer. Get it fixed BRUH

Regarding picking a Terrain… it’s very obvious how to pick a terrain type BRUH

I’m not sure why you expect that the map wouldn’t need to be regenerated when you change the seed. It’s literally the thing used to generate the entire map bruh. I do agree that generating new maps should be much quicker, especially on large maps.

Pop messages are important and ignoring them has significant consequences, especially later in the game BRUH!!!

Did you see the video though, it’s flickering badly when they hover over the map selection icon.

I’d forgotten that forum link popped up there. :woman_facepalming:

Mod already replied, no need to be so sensitive. Ty tho

Looks like your mouse is clicking repeatedly, which also explains how you ended up with so many open tabs.

Are you running any macros or programs that faciliate rapid clicking?

I thought so, but I don’t think so. I’m not sure what kind of programs could trigger this. I did not have this problem in any other games or buttons ? I’m thinking of reinstalling could help. Is there any way to check if it’s my mouse? Never used/downloaded spam click programs.

Do you have a controller connected?

I checked and controller USB is plugged but the controller is off. Connected devices are keyboard, mouse, camera and headphones.

You can turn off notifications under the Settings > Interface, bruh.

(I didn’t see this was already mentioned by medea)

I want to be notified when things happen, I’m not complaining about that. The pop up message box is too big and i clearly pointed that. It’s a design problem! No need to be so sensitive.

Bruh. image

just saw that, thank you

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Just launched the game for the first time in a while and having the exact same UI bug. If I click it again at the right time, I can even make the top part just blank.

I have… 2 mice connected and a controller. :smiley:

Most games do not cause me problems with this, but it happens sometimes. Notably, Gwent freaks out with a controller attached, and Across the Obelisk Hide/Show cards flickers indefinitely.

Why is this even happening? I’d think if it was an issue with too many events sent or what not, this would cause much deeper issues than some UI flicker.

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