Games Workshop profits nearly double

Fantasy role playing firm Games Workshop has seen profits almost double in the past 12 months.

The company, which owns the Warhammer franchise but produces dozens of different games, saw pre-tax profits reach £74.5m, up from £38.4m.

Its annual report also confirmed a surge in revenue from £158m to nearly £220m.

I’m not surprised, there seems to be a new warhammer licensed game every month, they’re milking it for all it’s worth and then some more.

New codices with new must-have units like the Primaris Marines being pushed out, not a surprise they’re making out like bandits. They pretty much are bandits, the way they treat 40K fans.

They are designing and offering a product people want and will pay for.

What’s with the hate?

I cannot think of a single WH40K fan who doesn’t harbor a degree of resentment towards GW. That should tell you a LOT.

Then people shouldn’t buy their games.

Complaining/hating/whatever about the money they are making is silly.

Tells me they’re hypocrits, buying the product while complaining about the price. It’s simple. If you don’t like being ripped off then DON’T BUY.

I know nothing about WH40K, but I’ve gotta ask…How could they’ve known that they’d get ripped off until they actually GET ripped off?

It’s called researching before you buy.

This is true. But as an avid fan of GD, if GD 2 ever gets made and it gets shit reviews, I’d still want to see it for myself.

So I can kinda understand why GW would still sell if it has a huge fan base to begin with.

But maybe I’m projecting my own crazies unto the world at large

If GD2 ever gets made and it’ll get shit initial reviews I’ll still buy it out of my faith in Crate that they’ll fix all the rough corners with patches. But if my faith gets betrayed then I’m not getting GD3 until I’m sure it’s worth it.

[QUOTE]They are designing and offering a product people want and will pay for.

What’s with the hate?

I cannot think of a single WH40K fan who doesn’t harbor a degree of resentment towards GW. That should tell you a LOT. [/QUOTE]

that is a very subjective answer though, personally I can only think of a few WH40K fans, and I know nothing about how they feel towards GW…

what specifically could be reasons for fans harboring resentment towards Games Workshop?

Fair enough. Is GW an anomaly in an otherwise phenomenal franchise?

Obscene pricing models, aggravated by constant rollouts of new “must-have” units and codices. Neglect or apparent ANTIPATHY towards certain armies by GW in codices (you will hear of 40K fans who lament GW’s heavy focus on the Space Marines and particularly Ultramarines which seems to come at the cost of other armies getting a little love). Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting, it’s been a while since I lurked /tg/.

The “well just don’t buy from them then!” argument is fairly unconstructive and rather callous/anti-consumer, but I’m not going to open up that can of worms any further I think.

Well then don’t complain. Sure it’s all bad practice, but why are people supporting that? If consumers don’t support the companies with bad practice, the companies will go out of business.

GW has a good IP, they’re a monopolist and what do companies do in that situation? They gauge their customers. They’ve been doing this for at least twenty years, when I first walked into one of their stores as a teenager. It was well known back then that prices were higher than they needed to be, but what choice do you have, you couldn’t get their stuff anywhere else.

Capitalism :rolleyes:

I haven’t fallen for their sales pitch for years now, I stopped the miniatures ages ago and their digital products are mostly awful, which helps (see their latest terrible attempt at an arpg: inquisitor something).

Screw you, I WILL complain because it’s bad fucking behavior and it deserves to be recognized as such. As for “just don’t support them guys”, well, there are always people with more money than brains and dignity willing to prop up GW’s shitty business model and ensure they never reach a point where they realize they need to fucking shape the hell up.

Then, I don’t see how you think anything will change.

Maybe nothing will change. Who knows. Complaining isn’t for changing things anyway, it’s about venting and commiseration. Sometimes it successfully steers people away from bad things, but that’s pretty much just a rare bonus.

Because you need the updated rules to play anywhere other than in your own private games? Yeah, ‘dont buy it’ also means, ‘play it in a limited fashion’ as well. So there’s always that aspect. There was this same debate regarding ADnD back in the day – everyone wanted to remain on 2nd Edition rules, but you couldn’t go to any conventions and play, nor were you getting any new materials.

There’s also the fact that if you want to increase your army, you’re kinda stuck buying their stuff.

This is almost like telling people “dont buy gas then” when they complain about how much the costs rise. Sure, but then how will I drive my car?

The only thing I can see that they stupidly do is continue to purchase GW paints and paint supplies, when they are easily 3-4x the cost of other (imho much better) options. The only reason I can see there is simplicity, since GW paints are coded so you can apply the same colors as seen in their graphics, which probably appeals to the less artistic-minded gamers.