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Newbie. Which is best? Charging quest to quest, boss to boss and avoiding killing the small fry to slow down enemy faction levelling. Or kill everything in my path for the loot and exp points? I’ve read a few conflicting opinions. Cheers and happy gaming

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would advise taking things slow, exploring everywhere to see what you can find because not everything is on the main path. It also helps you learn the game mechanics. Once you understand those and know where the various quests are you can look at going from quest to quest later.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Kill or avoid best?

Kill unless you want them annoying you while you’re exploring.

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Hi! In your first play through it’s good to explore the map, find hidden secrets, meet bosses, etc. Especially in normal difficulty mobs gives plenty of Exp, so you can level up killing stuff.

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Thanks all. Appreciated

First of all there is no best class in this game.

But if you are newbie, you should look at “Builds for Beginners” section:


I think you should kill every mobs ***if you can***.

Because this game requires a lot of exploring especially when you start a new game.

Collect even trash items and sell them. It will be money source in the beginning.

I mean, don’t be lazy. This game absolutely punishes lazy players.

You have two difficulty options in the beginning.

“Veteran” mode has better rewards; but it may be difficult. But you can enable/disable this mode any time when you at main menu without compromising your saves/build/progression.

To conclude, welcome to Grim Dawn and good luck!

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i wonder what will maya, pet players, spin2 win players and retaliation players say to this statement.

anyway, for new player’s 1st playthrough, i recommend reading guides for beginners and choose a beginner’s build. explore everything you can in normal/veteran difficulty. the game gets sudden difficulty spike when you 1st enter normal/veteran AoM and elite difficulty. only enter ultimate when you’ve got near max resists for everything and strong bonus to your main damage skills and stats.

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You misunderstood me. What I mean in that statement is exploring is too important!

for new players, yes. exploring is absolutely important. so that they can understand how gd works and how to make any build they want.
for players who already master grim dawn, they don’t want to explore everything/kill all mobs they encounter. because its inefficient. those players set specific goals to optimize their builds, and then find the most efficient and fun route to reach it.