G'day from Australia

Hi all,

I have been lurking here for a while now and thought I should finally say hello.

I saw the video this morning and wow, what can I say? The screen shots don’t do enough justice to how good this game is looking. Lets just say, I was so impressed, I now have a Legendary key.

Truly exceptional hack’n’slash RPGs are so few and far between that I am very happy that the people at Crate are making this game in their own time, the way that they want the game to be. The mix of dedication, skill, attention to detail and enthusiasm are evident and this reflects strongly in the excitement of the community.

The really standout point for me is that while doing this they are also closely involved with and listening to the community. This is something that seems to be lost in the development of games today. It has been a very long time since I have been excited about an upcoming game, but GD has so much promise that I know there is no way I will be disappointed.

Keep up the good work!

Welcome aboard mate!

Always nice to see fellow Aussies here.

I agree 100% with your comment above. Crate have done an outstanding job in managing time to create (crate? haha) the game and also have the time to answer questions, give feedback on ideas and just generally be around.

Another thing I really like is that there isn’t just one “community manager” handling all of the forums. There’s a few employees getting around saying their bit and it’s just nice to see.

I couldn’t agree more! What drew me to Grim Dawn is the uncharacteristically intimate relationship between consumer and producer. It’s a growing practice and I find it extremely telling of how much heart is going into this project.