Gearing and builds question

Hey guys,

I was wondering how you guys go about planning your builds? I’m not very experienced with this game though I have a lot of hours in it. I just got my second character to the end of veteran last night. I’ve been looking at a few builds and trying to work out if those builds could be changed or altered to match gear I currently have. I am sure they can be but my question is this. When you start planning a build, do you plan the build around gear and match skills to it or plan it around skills and match gear to it? I picked up a pair of venomspine boots I think they are called and they have two +2 to certain skills on them. Should I be thinking of a build to match those boots and my perdition armour set I’ve been collecting? Or is this a bad way to do things? I mean the boots are only level 50 after all and may not have an equivalent in end game. Also the skills or the build idea might not be viable in end game. How do I go about working out these conundrums without spoiling the high end gear for myself? I play this game for the loot and I’d rather be surprised when an awesome piece of loot drops rather than go look up all the best in slot gear beforehand.

Help as always is appreciated.

Earlier on, I was planning around skills rather than gear, because I didn’t have all the gear of my dreams.

Now that I do, I plan around particular pieces of gear and build around those.

When you have enough experience making skills work, you can force any piece of gear to work as you need.

Usually, build is planned around skill(s) and damage type (s), and then gear is matched (except when it’s gear providing skills - like Obsidian Juggernaut). Sure, you also should keep in mind how certain skills / damage types could be “buffed” by gear. For example, Venomspine Greaves are surely made for poison-based build, cause all their stats and active proc greatly contribute to it.