GeForce Experience v3.6.0.74 - What magical alchemy is this?

OK big surprise for me. Wanted to give a heads up for all interested to hear what huge improvements i am getting.

After using the GeForce Experience about 8 months ago i gave it up. I am running only a 980GTX (Non ti version mind you) and Grim Dawn was only doing ok. I turned off shadows and almost everything else was disabled and turned to medium. It was still getting more then a lot of stuttering and jerking and really didn’t look good at these low medium settings.

I wanted to let you know i installed GeForce Experience v3.6.0.74 and it optimized Grim Dawn automatically. All settings on High shadows on AA at max etc.

Well that game looks fantastic and i am getting LESS, WAY LESS stutter and smoother gameplay. No idea why but must be some sort of optimization thing.

Just want to share with you all if you haven’t tried the latest GeForce_Experience_v3.6.0.74 give it a shot. :smiley:

Also i am still using this fix until the non DX9 Grim Dawn comes along and this one post has helped me fix Grim Dawn to be as smooth as possible over all other fixes still BIG thanks to powbam for this

That’s pretty great

I’ll try it out now :wink:
thanks for sharing the news

Really interested as to your results Imnoo. I have been running without shadows and on medium for so long, that optimizing Grim Dawn tonight…well looks like Grim Dawn again. The shadows add so much atmosphere and the lighting and details make the game a lot more fearsome and foreboding.

I’m fairly new to the game, maybe 50 hours in, and I haven’t seen a lot of bad performance on my 970 with the presets on high. I would think a 980 would be a guaranteed 60fps. Is GD known for bad performance or having high system requirements?

In the same boat here, I did some googling and it seems the game uses the titan quest engine and doesn’t scale super well to many cores

That said I am using these setting with a gtx 760 and an old [email protected] and it plays good for me

I noticed the effect of GF Experience quite long ago. It felt like graphics & performance subtly changed, but since I was still getting FPS drops because of old CPU I wrote it off as not very significant.


I’m fairly new to the game, maybe 50 hours in, and I haven’t seen a lot of bad performance on my 970 with the presets on high. I would think a 980 would be a guaranteed 60fps. Is GD known for bad performance or having high system requirements?

GD is somewhat CPU heavy. Ofcourse you won’t notice this if you just started, because it really shows in very dense crowds of higher difficulties.

I just reinstalled drivers the other day, it had been awhile and I almost forgot to go in and uncheck that crapware, and now you’re saying I might actually want it?

Please, confirm this, as many people as possible, the inertia to puposefully install this is huge.

I have read on EVGA forums that many people their simply don’t recommend installing it, and generally you will get better performance with it. I don’t install it anymore. I have noticed a fair amount of improvement with it gone. But I’m talking generally.

Still, to install it for one game, but better without it in others, I rather take the latter.

found this interesting post about why GF experience is bad, while fairly odld, its still probably relevant still

but to me, its way better without this crap.

I am only running a 3770K stock speeds. I was totally surprised at the effects of GeForce Experience. I really is a rather dramatic increase for me. As for other games i can’t say it the GeForce Experience hurts them. I just tried Skyrim Special Edition and it seems fine with it. Also i tend to stick to one game for a long time, i don’t really plan on stopping Grim Dawn until Shadow of War in October. Anyways this was my experience last night just wanted to share it.

All GFE does is adjust settings that you can also adjust manually.

It’s not worth it to me, I haven’t had this piece of trash installed since they required an account to use it. Tracking me to install drivers? Guess I can do it manually as well.

I consider myself a “pseudo-advanced” user so I never install GFE. I prefer to adjust things manually.

Not true, it can access setting not available in the game menu in any way shape or form :wink:

Personally I use it because I get sooner updates on my Graphics drivers, I don’t let it optermise all my games as I prefer to run some way higher that it allows even at max quality over performance, but I have seen the improvement that Ward mentions when optermising a couple of games (cannot for the life of me remember which ones at this moment…08:15 on a sunday morning as cat demanded feeding :rolleyes: )

Hmm perhaps I’ll give it a go… I usually don’t use (or install) Experience and the views on it vary wildly from good to bad. Perhaps the latest iteration is playing nice?

Anyway, I’ll give it a shot just to see what’s to see.

I decided to give it a try. The visual overall become prettier and smoother nonetheless. Very pleasing to my eyes. But there constant repeated stutter. Like suddenly you jump forward. This occur like every second or so. Obviously i couldn’t play it like that and decide to revert back to my old settings. I guess it’s produce different results on large range of system config.