General Feedback and Ideas for Improvements


So far really enjoying the game, but I have a few things I would like to see improved.

Zoom: I would love to be able to zoom out much further to get both cinematic shots of the settlement, as well as better information be it tactical, or logistical.

-Prioritize: A drag tool to prioritize building.
-Deconstruct: A drag tool to deconstruct several buildings at once.
-Upgrade: A drag tool to upgrade the selected buildings if possible.

Resource Filter: A filter that highlights Clay, Sand, Coal, Iron Ore, and Gold Ore.

Global Resource Panel: I would love to see my global inventory from either stockpiles/stockyards similar to trading post, or have a separate panel that shows my global inventory. (edited. I’m an idiot and missed this obvious button.)

Cargo Wagon Unload: I NEED to be able to unload my cargo wagon when it returns to town, or to offload goods that I no longer want to be in the wagon.

Again thanks for all the hard work on this great game.

-Jake the Fake Jake

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