Generalist sets for each element

The thought came to me while looking at some of the newer fire builds. Most fire builds that don’t have a dedicated set usually pick Shattered or Justicar set.

Back in the day, the passives in Justicar would only activate with a shield or melee weapon. This gave Stronghold the distinction of being the only ranged set that synergizes beautifully with Justicar. With the removal of those restrictions, any DW or 2H range can slap on Justicar and enjoy all the benefits of Justicar’s passives.

Aether has Krieg and cold has Silver Sentinel (though being lvl82 epic means it is stat-poor compared to its counterparts). I suggest giving a generalist sets for all the remaining elements. Light’s Defender is almost there for lightning. Maybe give it some passives to make it more attractive for non-totem builds and bring back the lightning bolt proc on the gloves. (Yes I know LD is already pretty strong as it is for totem builds)

Does not need buffs.

Cold has rimetongue.

Fire has justicar & infernal knight.

Furthermore, cyclone can be used as a generalist set for both fire and lightning.

Last but not least bonemonger can be used for any one, or for all three, elemental types.

EDIT: Would be nice to see some bumps to cold damage though

Justicar - Lots of fire builds that use the entire set while ignoring the skill mods.
Infernal Knight - Ok I can see this one. Most builds with demo use mines and BWC so this set gets some love even without going all out on these 2 skills.
Bonemonger - Agree with you here. The builds that use this are varied in their focus.

Cyclone - Used mostly for the T. Mine or Wind Devil skill mods. No “generalist” build that uses the entire set.

Still thats only fire and elemental covered. And Bonemonger’s proc has this weird 3 dmg type split while the Inq Seal RR favors aether.

If I were to ask you now to make a vitality gunner, you’d be hard pressed to incorporate a full set because of the lack of a “generalist” vit build. A BWC build using Justicar for example is workable even if not optimal because Justicar is a generalist fire set.

I’d use blood knight. In fact, it’s been done to a high degree of success.

But you’re better off using IK imo. or even cyclone.

And for its AMAZING stats. Literally 3 piece cyclone nets you 120% fire/lightning + bunches of OA + a massive ~15% phys res

Still not using the full set in the build you posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m aware of this hence I said not optimal. My point is Justicar can fit into almost ANY fire build even if another dedicated set can do the same thing better. I want a set for other elements that can do what Justicar does to fire.

Just so we’re clear, I’m referring to full sets. Not just incorporating bits and pieces of other sets into a build. The offhand for cyclone disqualifies it for a ton of builds (ie. DW or 2H autoattacker). Also, the 4p skillmod bonus are pretty niche. The fire bonus on mines are useless if I’m using Cyclone as a generalist set for lightning.

Justicar works because the 4p bonus is a passive aura. Same thing with IK.

Ah, okay. Apologies then.

I shall keep my lips sealed from henceforth, sir. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta give credit where its due and Morgoneth set is showing its versatility in a wide range of cold and vitality builds. With each new build posted, Morgoneth is looking more and more like the Justicar of cold.

Except it’s not meant to be a generalist set, just like SR Amy wasn’t meant to end up on every build in absence of the rest of the set, or ye olde fizzik utility pack wasn’t meant to end up on every… or N&O wasn’t meant to boost infiltrator to such and such a peak etc

Generalist sets need to be a step below focused options or you have a narrow range of usable items in those slots. Morg set ain’t even intended as generalist, wide ranging over performance is simply called overpowered.