Getting tired a little bit.

The reason i am writing this is because i cant find the recipes of following items:
mark of divinity,
deathmarked hood,
badge of mastery
I have done countless cronley’s nemesis and undead’s nemesis runs i’ve managed to gather all the relic blueprints, belts and some other shitty stuff that i dont really need also lots of set hoods but still missing the one i really need which is deathmarked…
I have a question to You folks whats the most fruitful way to farm blueprints atleast those i have mentioned and also is there really big difference between farming nemesis bosses on elite and ultimate?

Drop rate is much better on ultimate, but if your char sucks and can’t quickly farm nemesis on ultimate then stick to elite. As you get more and more BPs they become harder to get just how it is. Treasure trove/nemesis farming are best for BPs

If you really need an item just trade for it or have someone craft. Otherwise prepare for a potentially very long wait, when I had a handful of BPs left it took FOREVER to get them xD

I will be bashed for saying this, but I think that some items don’t drop for some characters while they may be raining on another.

thats true :smiley: i have experienced it myself :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for your replies i have to be patient then i guess