Ghouls & Ghosts - Pet Death Knight

@Ulvar1 meant the Soldier Skill Menhir’s Will :stuck_out_tongue: . You can still take Obelisk, but need 3 points to get that DA bonus. Otherwise, it is not really attractive.

Regarding devotions, Empyrion’s proc, also as @Ulvar1 said, doesn’t stack with War Cry’s Damage Reduction. So it might be better to see if you can get Tree of Life for its AoE heal, which should keep your pets alive longer.

If you feel that your damage is lacking, an option is to go for Tree + Ishtak + Dying God (Tree’s proc should counter Dying God’s HP loss)

Also, try to cap your elemental resistances. Overcapping by like +30% is recommended, but atleast capping it to 80 is very much important.

Other than all that, looks pretty good :+1:

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I also like the role-playing idea of a “DK pets” character - rising from the grave to bravely, albeit foolishly, lead my undead army of staggering corpses on a hopeless final charge. (14 skeletons, a blight fiend and whatever that thing is from Dirge of Slovakia) Yes, I know. I really do.

Here, with a mixture of cheap faction gear, a few MIs, two faction rings and a huge 2H death-scythe, I present a similarly surprisingly good (in campaign anyway) DK pets build:

Argh, my mistake… I bought the rings from faction vendor, didn’t craft them. Got confused with my acid guy and his crafted rings.


So good! Where did you get that axe it looks perfect :slight_smile:

It is a random drop :3

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I just found it tonight and now level 99 … when I hit 100 I will post it up. Very good build so far :slight_smile:

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