Give feedback on my Purifier devotions

Hello guys, I’m currently building a Purifier, main purpose is beating crucible 170 with fast and not so much sweat. I have the gears (dagallon and aegis) but still confused about the devotion (yes with 55 points it is somewhat hard to make decesion about spend or drop)
Here’s my char current devotion (pls dont mind his gears:p)
Should I have both Ishtak and Light of E (would have to drop Solael WB) or just Light of E? Ishtak has hp/nice dmg absorb, but Light of E has fire dmg bonus / permantly warcry. I love Obelisk of Menhir, but should I drop it? Is Fiend still good if I already had equipped Aegis set? Still a mess in my brain:furious:.
Feel free to feedback for it, thanks in advance:D

Falcon is pretty suboptimal, since a big chunk of its damage comes from the weapon damage. It’s more suited for 2H builds where that 20% damage is a meaty chunk. I’m also not sure why you’re using toad and bat on what seems to be some type of elemental build. If you need the ADCTH, ghoul is right there, and has a better skill to work with. A seal of blades somewhere on the gear wold do wonders too. You’ll also want points in Rhowan’s Crown and Witchblade for RR.

Sorry man I posted the wrong link (it is chinese style link), edited :D.

Dropped Fiend, Sailor and Harp (loss some dmg / OA / DA / resis), spent points on Imp (wish it has better proc:cry:) and Ghoul, Ulo (well the free nullification) and now I can have both Ishtak and Light of Empyrion (ahhh the godly warcry), 170 cru here I come:D.