GiveRandomItem function masterlootables fixed per session?

I tried the GiveRandomItem from the conversation engine, targeting a mastertable dbr.
If if use it multiples times in the same session it gives always the same item.
However if I restart the session it can give a different item from that lootable and it will keep giving that same item until I restart the session.

So is it really random…per session ?

It is really random, per seed value. You need to recalculate the seed with a new time value. See the last 2-3 pages of the PDF tutorial. Pseudo-random number generation needs some sort of initial value (time is the most common, but some websites create a number based on the IP address of the visitor), and then it is random from there.

If you did something else (like killed a bunch of mobs) and then came back, you’d probably get a different item but that depends on how they retrieve elements from the array of random numbers.