Gladiator Crucible 150-170 builds for Grim Internals 3x speed

Ok, this may be a controversial question but I love to try these silly things.

When I discovered the possibility to increase the game speed with Grim Internals I spent an evening laughing and trying to play the game at 3x.
I ran the campaign, some low-level SR, some low-level Crucible, tried farming for a Krieg Set - I had a blast, honestly.

Now I’m curious - I tried this build

and with that I ran many SR 75-76 on NORMAL (at 3x speed that’s about 3 minutes per full run).

In your opinion, is there a build that can do GLADIATOR Crucible 150-170 at 3x speed?

I don’t think the above build can handle that - a close encounter with Grava ends your run immediately…

3x speed basically means that you can only spam your skills (no timing whatsoever) and you cannot react to anything and have to rely on passive procs for defense (since things can go from good to very bad in a split second).

On the other hand, the build does not need to be a very fast crucible clearer, since you’re already going at 3x speed…

Counter Strike warlord.

You mean… like this?