Gladiator Crucible help

So I finally broke down and made a tank that is capable of easily farming Gladiator Crucible, but I’m also learning that there are always dangers and I don’t always succeed. I’ve started to learn some patterns and how to fight some mobs, but I have a couple questions on how to deal with certain mobs.

Benn’jhar - The best I can tell, just move away from his mine fields. Those buggers, even with a rock solid tank, will kill you in a heart beat.

Annastaria - What’s the deal. I’m at 83(+33 over cap) Aether resists, and she still drops me to 53 Aether resists. Other than running in and out of combat to avoid getting hit by her debuffs, what can I do? What does she do specifically to debuff you?

Valdrun - This bugger on his own doesn’t seem that bad, but he always seems to pair up with others, such as Benn’jhar and he’ll summon you right into a mine field. How do you avoid getting summoned to bad spots? Does he have a pattern to look for?

Moosilauke - Is there anything special about this guy? His mines seem like they should scare me, but they don’t really seem as bad as Benn’jhar. I’ve stayed away from them, but is there a good way to deal with him?

My character has mostly 83% and 86% and 89% resists, and everything is 23% or higher over cap. I shouldn’t have to worry about resists too much, but other than Annastaria, are there any others to watch for with debuffs?

Benn’jhar: He has an attack with 30% reduced life, his mines are even more bullshit with the same life reduction + 425 reduced DA.

Annastaria: She has an unique and powerful debuff: 50% reduced all resistance, strongest in the game! Unless you have > 160% aether res it’s gonna hurt. Funnily, the best way to fight her by my experience is to loldps all the way, lifesteal helps a lot.

Valdaran is completely random afaik.

Also in Crucible you should be prepared to get debuff’d all the time, Anasteria is clearly the worst though.

Thanks for the details. I was thinking that the debuff was a flat amount, I wasn’t thinking in terms of percentages. The crazy thing is, I have 89% aether and 33% overcap. That puts me at 122% Aether. When she debuffs me, I’ll sometimes drop into the 70’s, and other times into the 50%'s, which is below 50%. Given my char is a pure tank, with low DPS, I still can’t seem to comfortably tank her. So I’ll run out, let the debuffs drop, and blitz in off and on.

I think the time your res went below 50% someone may had put a flat debuff on you too and they stacked together. The 70’s res is weird though, maybe it was the result of some other nasty RR combinations.

I just fought her again, and she was alone. I’d drop to 73% first, then 58% (updated resists). I started with 122% (89%+33). That confused me as well. And why does she almost always pair up with Salazaar?

After taking the time to learn the fights, I found my last clear a lot easier, though time consuming still (really low DPS here). I just used the Might buff to get the DPS up some.