Gog and Steam versions

As I understand it the GOG version does not include a Steam key
And I read Zantai saying the two versions of the game are not interchangeable
Are the two versions different in any other way than purely the commercial keys?

Why would the GOG version include a Steam key ? Can’t think of any game where this is the case.

Content wise the two versions are identical, but MP wise GOG players are a separate group from Steam players, there is no cross-store MP.
So depending on how important MP is for you, you may be better off going with Steam as that has >90% of the player base.

“As I understand it the GOG version does not include a Steam key” means I know the GOG version does not include a Steam key

As mamba said the two versions are identical play-wise so if you’re thinking Steam has something different from GOG well no it doesn’t. What’s offered in their Loyalist packages are a bit different I think (not checked since I don’t have either). But otherwise it’s the multiplayer where there are differences so Steam MPs can’t play with GOG ones.

Whether Steam or GOG require something different to be included in the game files for their own use I don’t know. Only thing I can think of is Steam is DMR while GOG is DMR free so there may be something to do with that.

Steam has more players and have better players too skill wise:cool:

I understand the issues people have with the whole DRM and Steam thing etc
That debate is not an issue for me and my query wasn’t about that
It was about a comment Zantai made in reply to another query on this matter
The MP difference is a significant technical and gameplay issue for people who want to play MP
I am glad to know that, even if it does not affect me
I bought the game on GOG some time ago and I now wish I had bought it with a Steam key
From what I have seen the Steam player base community is developing well

Well, part of that is the game has simply been available on Steam for so much longer. Steam players could buy into the early access alpha back in 2013/14. GOG only got it when it was fully released in February 2016.

Also Steam is much more a community than GOG
But as I said earlier my question was never about Steam vs GOG; it was about what differences there was in the versions
There is a difference (MP) and I now know what Zentai was referring to when he made that point; so my question is answered