Gold in the Treasure Building empty?

There is more than 9900 Gold in the Town an 6000 Gold in the Tradingpost. But no gold in the treasury Building. How can I transfer gold to this building?

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This is a long standing well known bug we call trading post limbo. Anything that goes into the trading post doesn’t come out again, although it’s available for your villagers to use.

With v0.9.1 patch this should be fixed. The patch is in testing atm and hopefully will be fully released soon.

If you have gold ingots stored in your storehouses then untick those in the storehouses so no new ingots will be placed in them. Eventually the gold in those storehouses will be used up and no more will go in. Any new ingots will go into the Vault.

Thx for this quick response. I will check the Storehouse hint

Storehouse is unchecked. So I hope for the 0.9.1 patch

I see this too. Gold previously stored in a storehouse doesn’t transfer to the vault.