Good beginnerbuild for HC

Has anyone a good HC beginner build? i have played warder with forcewave but i died 3 times at level 75-85:furious:

Even not supertanky builds are viable in hc if you pay attention to DA, armor, res,armor absorption and hp. If you die a lot in that lvl range it means you didn’t use the right gear/components/augments. Pay attention to your devotion route to in the direction i pointed above.

Rune of Haggard Infiltrator is the best starting build for HC - easy to gear, fast farming, tanky .

Maybe Markovian+Beronath Witchblade/Tactician? If dying’s not an option I’d take that Overguard…

Grim Dawn doesn’t require some super defensive setups to play hardcore.

I was trying to say this few posts above but…watching few streams i also noticed that ppl think : Hc=shield. I’ve seen casters with shields instead of offhand, blademaster with shields. This have to stop :blush:!

I once used a shield on a crappy beginner’s CT Sorc. It was a durable Colossal Bulwark with 24%+ physical resistance :rolleyes:
Ironically, lost the char after I threw away the shield in favour of offhand :eek:

Can you give an example of this build with basic gear you can easily find self found on a fresh account? I just started a 2H Phy/Bleed Warder with primal bond, as i know how tanky he can become in even garbage gear but his clear speed is questionable.

All i look for is a build that can fast farm challenger cruicible or ultimate rogue dungeons in relatively safety.

Im going to try this one soon on hardcore:

Seems fun to play (important to me, some builds are very strong, but very borign…)
I asked on discord and to the creater of the build if its hardcore viable and multiple people told me it is.

1st i going with commando 2h forcewave no problem . :smiley:

Keep in mind that w/o Trosan set and that specific Off-hand the build dmg output is low. And its muuuch harderer to find Trosan set rather that Silver sentinel .

It can be much safer to use shields (those with high physical res) when undergeared/low damage/no life steal when levelling a caster. It’s also easy to re-roll hyram to get 20%+ phys res shield. This particularly pertinent given the thread title too. You make it sound pretty bad, but I think it would be wise for some situations for a beginner to use a shield given the consequence of death.

can u link a hc viable build thats relatively easy to gear then But also has more then 2-3 buttons to play?
I dont like builds that only use 2-3 buttons, too boring imo.