Good first character melee build

I’m looking for a good melee build for my first character. Something that will be good to farm gear for other builds to try out later after i understand the game better. The builds i have looked at so far all seem to require legendary gear. I did try to do the physical warder build but the guide is too vague for a beginner like myself so i gave up after remaking it 4 or 5 times.

I recently finished veteran mode with a physical / lightning damage Warder on level 54 using a 2-handed axe and having pets.

  • Start as Soldier, add Shaman - level each mastery to 15 and activate the core skills, before you advance to the higher tiered skills. I intend to add Primal Bond later and keep Soldier at 40 points in the mastery bar.
    [li]Activate devotions in this order:[/li][LIST]
  • Veteran: Shepherd, (Raven), Berserker, Chariot, (Jackal), Revenant
  • Elite: Panther, Tempest, Kraken, Assassin’s Blade
  • Ultimate: Ulo

The ones in brackets are intermediate constallations. Unlearn them, when you do not require their affinity points anymore. Assign points to Crossroads as needed - in the end one point needs to stay in the chaos node. You will be short of one point, so that you can either not complete Tempest or Ulo.
[li]Look out for Fleshwarped heavy armor items: helm, chest and shoulder pieces.[/li]
[li]Keep Offensive Ability at a high level, so that Upheaval triggers often enough.[/li][/LIST]

IMHO it is better to play a ranged build to learn the game so you can see what’s going on from a safe distance. You will also see the full repertoire of attacks a monster is capable of. For example, you will find out why it’s a bad idea to stay in one spot at a long distance when facing a group of rock shamblers.

Ok thanks i will give the warder another try and see how it goes.

This is the build I was using on my 85 Warder and leveled him using this build. I no longer play a Warder but I would imagine he still crushes everything in his path. You pretty much use a two hander and stack physical dmg on everything. attribute distribution is all physique.

Constellations are-

Dire Bear- Physical Dmg + proc after completion
Falcon- Physical Dmg + Proc
Hammer- Physical dmg
Sailor’s Guide-Physique & resists
Assassins Blade- for the physical resist proc
Empty Throne- resists
and finally “Oleron”- 180% physical dmg, stats, and a proc.

eisprinzessin’s build is also a good route to go.
Dioarchet brings up a good point, casters are very fun to play and easy to farm with. JayNyne has an awesome pet build, that I used as a template and is very fun. watching pets murder pretty much any and everything is pretty fun, and as an added bonus it’s easy to gear and play.

Thanks for the links. I’m thinking about trying out the pet build it looks fun.

Just be warned with a pet build like this… Your idea of fun MUST include watching things… Mine doesn’t… It truly is a pretty lazy build… I kept falling asleep as you don’t do much besides WATCH you pets kill things… Some people like that…just wanted to warn you… Later on I know you get more involved, but I couldn’t make it out of veteran as I couldn’t stay awake long enough to level the guy… Pet gear also, isn’t the easiest to find. Got better in the latest patch, but not sure it is that great yet…

I would agree with Eisprinzessin assessment of a warder as a first character. Physical damage is easy to gear for and warders are tanky enough for you to not dye constantly while learning the game. They can also put out good damage so they can be used for farming later. Blademaster’s seem to be better farmers, but require more gear which makes them hard to use a first character. Warders also involve you in combat more so if watching things isn’t your thing, they will be more entertaining…

Yes i found out very quick that i wasn’t going to be doing much with the pet build. It was very boring i’m going back to the warder build as i want to be more involved.

If you want to get involved but still survive everything, I recommend a Bloody Pox build (Occultist), that boosts the mobs both a little positive and massively negative. The second profession is of your choice. BP is the main attack, maxed and maxed all adjacent skills too. Fevered Rage seems to be a “roulette of death” and is totally different to the players intention to face easy mobs who are easy to kill, but in reality it probably is the most powerful and most energy efficient AoE in game. And against single target too (though less notable/recommended in early levels).

You can always run away to avoid damage. With any other build this means dmg interruption, but with a BP build it means even more damage and more spreading (more damage!).

Best: it’s easy achievable in very low levels and you’re not limited to high end gear to be effective, just use the best mixed defensive/offensive gear you find/can buy.

Maybe I write a guide for a BP build in future.