Good Melee Starter build?

Hello Guys, just a question for you! What is a good starter melee build to reach endgames (SR /Cruci) and grind gear for other builds? I lost all my items on GD Item assistant and want to come back into the game! I thought going eor warlord but dunno… Thanks a lot!

There are several different builds for beginners in here

Just look under the Builds for Beginners section

Without a doubt @banana_peel’s starter Pierce BM:

Very easy to gear up and is powerful. No problem farming stuff for other characters later too! :sunglasses:


thanks a lot man!

I was working on a self-found beginner melee warder but haven’t finish yet if you look for a 2H melee, I can give you some tips by private messaging.

For dual wield melee acid Dervish, pierce Blademaster or cold Infiltrator are all good options.

For 2H physical Blade Arc or Thunderous Strike Warder/Vindicator. You can check for guides, most of mentioned above have beginner’s guides by @Stupid_Dragon or me.

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For me when I first started GD I chose my starting character like I ALWAYS choose in any ARPG game as a physical brute, in this case the Soldier (AKA in other games as Barbarian, Warrior amongst others).

This played well for me for many levels until it came to choose a second class.
Being a total NOOB I was spoilt for choice (almost like a shark in a paddling pool).
I eventually settled on Occultist which gave me a Witchblade character.

Did I mention I was a NOOB?

Being an avid ARPG player, I loved the game and play and eventually got my Witchblade to level 100.
I was not over impressed with his melee and tanking feel until I actually found great equipment from him and other farming items that I had from upcoming characters and he suddenly turned into a Super Star.

From a MEH initial melee build attempt, with some tuning and gear changes my original character is now the strongest and tankiest build in my army of 38 characters.

What I thought was my first disastrous attempt in GD eventually turned out to be my best!
Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out any idea you have, even if it sounds insane.

So my penny’s worth for a starter melee build is …

Soldier class all the way is the best class for you to kick off your GD journey.
Choose your second class based on you gut instinct, they all have some intriguing things you can try and at the end of the day, none of them will be wrong as you can respec easily.


I agree with that. Soldier is usually generic class giving you toughness and is noob friendly class.

In GD is little different, since you build around strengths of two separate classes, instead of one. So Warlord is perhaps the most straightforward mastery.

But if you like to dual wield weapons usually Rogue or Assassin type of class is suitable. In GD most of Nightblade combos excel at DW melee.

I’m really enjoying 2H Savagery Ritualist. I wanted a “death knight” type of character but the actual Deathknight combo (Necro + Soldier) was a bit boring for me.