Good ultos build? final got full set

Here is my build without using Savagery.

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Tnx for all the reply’s.
only made me more confused what to play.
Warder glassy one say and another says it got best stats. I am confused :smiley:

Duchy’s build is somewhat, what is was hoping to find.
Nery’s build with vindicator without seal sounds good too.

So if i want to farm Gladiator, what build is best for a bad/average pilot?
What build is best if I want to push and maybe farm 75/76? still a bad or average pilit :smiley:

Since i know there is not one build there is best for evrything .

Again tnx all for the reply’s.

I don’t play Crucible so I can’t help you. But my guess is that any of them will be ok. Maybe someone else can tell you which would have the best time and survivability in Crucible.