Got Some Questions (New to the Game)

First of all what is the best way to farm for the iron bits things? I want to buy the Writ of Devils Crossing so I can level them up from bounties faster :3

Secondly how much of the main story is their after “The Necropolis” and will I still be able to do bounties after main story?

Thirdly the aether path things you have to walk on, how do you stop taking crazy damage from them? I have to heal up every like 10 metres :frowning:

Thank you~

  1. Kill things. Auto-collect iron drops. Pick up Green (Rares)++. Sell unneeded items. Treasure Troves.

  2. Story is almost complete (until expansion anyway).

  3. Don’t stand in it.

1 - Just sell every item you don’t want to use or don’t plan on using. I sell all yellow items and only keep the greens with good stats.

2 - For now there’s nothing after The Necropolis but an expansion is coming that continues the story. You can do bounties whenever you want, story progression doesn’t matter.

3 - Aetherfire damage is set and can only be reduced through damage absorption. Damage Absorption is rare since it only shows up in a few skills like Possession from Occultist, Menhrir’s Bulwark from Soldier and Maiven Sphere from Arcanist. The best advice i can give is for you to memorize the spots with aetherfire and take the shortest route.

Thanks, what is a treasure trove?

I’ve got it on only show green+ but it is taking a long time to get to the 89k :slight_smile:

oke I will try my best thank you!

I have the show yellow items until Elite and then i switch it off.

Treasure troves are those chests with chains around that can only be opened with dynamite. They spawn in some areas but their exact location is random.

Also, you can craft alot of Dynamite fairly easily at the Blacksmith in Homestead. Strongly advised to do so.

I find so many greens as lvl43 on normal but I got 4 backpacks now so many go back down :slight_smile:

I think I opened some of them!

And I have like 40 dynamite so that should be oke

Thank you for you help :slight_smile:

What are illusions?

Kory the Keeper gave me Illusions-Be-Gone and what is this also?

Thank youuu~

Illusions are a part of a new system coming in the expansion that allows you to make gear look like other gear without changing the stats. You can make items within the same category appear to be each other but can’t cross categories (2h sword = 2h sword, 2h sword =/= 2h axe). I think it might have something to do with the pre-order bonuses too but that could just be me remembering something incorrectly.

Oh like transmogifying in diablo III? if so thats awesome

Yeah , it’s similar to trasmog.

Didn’t realise how good the crafting recipe was for dynamite thank you for showing me this!!