Graphic representation of what a villager carries

I’m very happy with Farthest Frontier and I have nothing to complain about. I just don’t like that you can’t visually see what a given villager carries. And the function key on F3 isn’t quite right. Do you think this will be added during the updates?

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What’s wrong with the F3 key?

This would be the cherry on the pie, also some finetuning in the animations of the villagers would be nice, some peeps are ‘sawing in thin air’ for example. It is not a gamestopper but it could enhance the sense of immersion. Fcourse something for in the polish fase of development.

Yes, it would be nice if it could be tweaked.

I wasn’t referring to the key on the keyboard, but its function. I don’t like that there is no graphic representation of what the villager is carrying. But it’s only shown in writing

Add this to the list of ‘graphic tweaks’ needed with the people animations.
My own favorite Annoying But Not Game Stopping one is archers shooting invisible bows and firing invisible arrows - and crossbowmen still moving their arms like they are nocking arrows to ordinary bows while holding a crossbow in their other hand. This occurs with all the bowmen figures: hunters, raiders and soldiers.

It’s really weird when a building is burning and they have no buckets in their hand…they just run towards the burning building and the fire is magically gone.

I have icons of everything villagers carry, including buckets of water. I think it might be a setting in your game.

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why does no one read these days? A VISUAL representation, not just icons but villager actually carrying stuff around.