Lol “nerfed” I don’t think so.

I read that the hotfix was supposed to lessen stupidness but alas I went to hunt him down and he is still impossible to touch. Just get one shoted instantly. Good thing nemesis chest are worthless moving on.

Maybe one of these days I’ll link my warborn build that is not a god like he is supposed to be and a good samaritan can “fix” it for me. Can’t even solo gladiator crucible??

Those must have been some real sour grapes.

Maybe you will. But it’s not looking like it.

My warborn witchblade can facetank ravager so I dunno where you’re going wrong. Post a build link and we can do some fixing up.

Here is my 10,6k health Callidor Sorcerer killing it in 1 minute 07 seconds



Here is also my Lightning Obliteration Vindicator killing it in 1 minute 07 seconds :smiley:

Ranged is the best way to engage the fluffer, preferably with terrain to hid behind to deal with the orbs. You just need to learn to read it’s attack pattern so you can avoid the sweep attack, along with trying to stay out of the chaos pools, which apply a fumble de-buff.

Or just facetank the shit out of him like

I can FT Grava on several toons now but his ability to strip buffs and pots is TOO much. I’m not sure how it works and he doesn’t always do it, but no one can touch him without their buffs on Grim Dawn is 98% buffs by design lol.

Just killed Grava’thul in 23sec with my CT build
Git Gud

Joke Aside, Grava’Thul is probably the hardest Nemesis overall, in my opinion.

HighlanderDM here’s some stats you wanna have against Grava’Thul:

  • Minimum 2.6k DA… As a tank you can probably get at least 2.7k
  • He can reduce your resistances by 28 - overcap your chaos and fire resistances by 28
  • He also do physical damage but it shouldn’t be a problem for your whitchblade.
  • Life steal - I’d aim for at least 10%
  • In your case make sure to always keep up with war cry
  • If needed have a second medal and or amulet with a black tallow (it reduce chtonic damage)
  • HP --> 13-14k seems good to me, more if you can.
  • You should have Menhir’s Bulwark in your set-up… helps a lot… if it’s a shield build that is. If you’re dualwield, you might want a bit more life-steal and maybe HP.

Grava’Thul stats/skills :

If you get hit hard, use a potion (+ blood of dreeg for the heal if needed) and wait on overguard if it’s off cooldown… wait a few seconds for it Grava’Thul doesn’t do big hits back to back all the time. The idea is to be able to have something to recover/heal from a hit or absorb the damage with overguard. I didn’t kill him with a Whichblade but I killed him with 3 dualwield builds, 1 2h melee build, a Callidor’s tempest build and 2 shield builds.

Killed him several times, using aether DK, Retaliator Tactician, Auramancer and Dualwield pierce Tactician.

Tek pretty much described everything that needed to be done, so just rethink your build and strategy.

1)Use 2 black tallons.
2)Cap Warcry and use it on CD.
3)Stack 2.8K DA
4)Have at least 15K life. Yes you need life, don’t go all-cunning , its a trap!

Also - any decent shadow strike focused build will always make short work of Grava. It’s just a case of avoiding the homing orbs while waiting for SS to come off cool down.

Personally I find Reaper of the Lost is more dangerous than Grava, that thing hit like a truck.

Reaper is definitely much more dangerous, damage spikes go through the roof.

Just looked at Reaper Nemesis skills on grimtools. I mean I never fought that Nemesis because I pretty much always went friendly with Barrowholm.

That said looking at his skills/procs… holy shit lol.
His auto attack adds up to 12% OA/DA and 24% crit damage and a proc reduce your DA by a flat 425 (literally, haha) and a reduce your resistances by a flat 40.
All in all, oriented toward critting you :rolleyes: