Grava'Thul's damage in Normal and Elite difficulty

EDIT: I just edited the name, it wasn’t Grava’Thul. Sorry for the mistake. I meant Gabal’Thunn

This boss deals an incredible amount of damage in normal difficulty, he hit 40% of my HP with every punch at level around 57 - 60, I had a horribly strong equipment. In Elite, with around 1200 - 1500 amor at level 85 (was focused only on resistances, my armor rating was really low, item set was 58 - 75, mixed heavy armor with light armor and weapon level 82) he hit me around 5% of my HP, while normal monsters (the flying chthonians) hit about 20% of my HP if they hit me.

On normal difficulty I played in patch or and elite today, this is patch.

If you read all the complaints on the forum, you’d learn Grava is a Nemesis. He’s supposed to be very difficult, and is possibly the hardest of the nemesis as of now. If you run into him, you are best off hitting escape and coming back.

Or running past him if killing him is that big a problem :eek:

Given how fast he is, that’s kind of difficult. He can keep up with my characters that have capped movement speed.

Nemesis aren’t balanced for character builds on normal. I would avoid until at least elite. Everyone talking nemesis strategy assumes ultimate with the corresponding gear and levels.

Did you guys even read what I wrote? He does no damage in Elite, but destroys my characters on Normal.

EDIT: I wrote the wrong name. Already updated the topic.

Gabal indeed have pretty high stats on any difficulty, and is challenging.
He also does have global res reduction and a burst attack of three consecutive throws - it got “oneshot” potential.
If you see the shield over your head - retreat if not confident.

If you have troubles with him, double check defenses/gear/char progression.

IMO he’s ok as is, damage is not overtuned, fight is interesting and challenging, especially for melee. He got no distinctive anti-range abilities, and let’s you get in-and-out of fight with no consequences.

I personally like him.

No anti range? Are we still talking about grava with the infinite ball of aura killing one shot death to ranged toons?


You mean Grava’Thul, Gabal’Thunn is that boss in Cinder Wastes and he’s pretty weak. And Grava’Thul has probably the most dangerous anti-range in the game and it’s his nullification projectile. This thing follows you and won’t let go unless it hits an obstacle. Not to mention how it can deal severe damage and in some cases one shot.

I got one shotted by this, 12,5k hp gone in a flash and i had, i think 16% less damage from chtonians and he had no chance to crit me. It had a pass tuning in though, so maybe it’s not as bad now.

The game has always been a LOT easier on Elite than on Veteran. That is because you have your resistance in check in Elite, while on Veteran you usually have lots of problems with resistances.

AoM magnifies this trend, because the mobs focus on more varied damage types and you are typically a lot higher level by then as well.

No, I meant Gabal, same as OP did :smiley:

The title is just wrong.

A fun fact: on ultimate, with a melee tank, Gabal hits me harder than Grava. Poor bastard ate the nerf hammer in full force.