Great QOL Updates - Through My Experience

I will do my best!

Filter for multiple buildings:

First Suggestion:

  1. In this screenshot, there is a box on the left hand side of the “Hunter Cabin” that I highlighted where I think that tabs could go to reference other hunter cabins (or any other structure that you have multiples of) like you do with the tabs for the traders outpost when you have multiple merchants. It could overlay on top of the current window or have it overwrite the values for that active tab. That new tab would operate as normal. You could repeat this step if you had multiples of that one structure built.

Second Suggestion:

  1. In this screenshot, there are 3 rings and each of them is attached to one of my hunter cabins. Having the option to click on one of the other rings around should allow me to quickly reference that building (Like I would if I had directly clicked on that building to move that ring). That way I can move my rings around a more efficiently.

Window snapping (I am sure this one has been mentioned before):

It would super helpful if when the building menu is up other windows behind it could snap to the left side of it. This part can go in conjunction with my suggestion above under the section “First Suggestion” for building filtering.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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