greetings all


anyways I’m new here it’s actually the first time I’m on a forum (so if I make any mistakes then you know why)

I have titan quest and the expansion (I’ve complete it on normal!) but I had some issues/bugs and I could not get any updates from the game ingame, so I tried to google it and to my big surprice Iron Lore had ben close for barely 2 years (2008 right?) I luckly found this page and was happy to hear a new game of this kind is in the making :smiley:

I have though about pre-purchasing the one with the beta(and the name in credist !!!)

anyways hi… xD

ps… you may find alot of misspelling… the matter of fact is that english is not my native laungise(?XD) so… please don’t hit me

pss… zomgwtfzombies???

Welcome to the forum! Great to have you here.

Woo, the more the merrier! Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums, The Ghoat!

Welcome! 10char

Welcome home, sir. :smiley:

thanks all I feel welcome and now I may search for answars in the forum! thx again

Greetings. I do hope you enjoy your stay :wink:

We’ve got a pretty diverse international community here, so I wouldn’t worry about a little broken bit of broken English. Most Americans can’t type in English very well anyway, and it’s supposed to be our primary language. :wink:

That said, Welcome!