Greetings and best wishes to Grim Dawn

Hello everyone. I finally decided to contribute to Grim Dawn, and purchased the Pioneer Edition. I kind of regret that I didn’t contribute during the kickstarter already, but better late than never.

My ARPG career has went somehow like this: Diablo 2 LoD expansion -> Diablo 1 + Hellfire expansion -> Diablo 2 LoD -> Titan Quest + Immortal Throne expansion -> Diablo 3, and just now I got into Torchlight 2.

I’ve played D2+LoD a lot, D1+Hellfire through once, TQ+IT a lot (though not as much as D2 I think + I got into the basics of modding in TQ), D3 a low-medium amount, and I’m a newbie in Torchlight 2.

Offline single player is my preferred game mode, so it’s great to see more ARPGs where unrestricted single player mode in offline is possible. And modding support is a great bonus.

Titan Quest + Immortal Throne already had good, bordering on excellent gameplay mechanics and loot system, which I hope Grim Dawn will improve on. And hopefully this time, without a big and evil publishing company breathing down their necks, the development team can not only craft Grim Dawn more according to their vision, but also provide more bug fixes to it, and for longer. The fan patches did fix a great number of things in TQ:IT, but it would be really nice to have a more polished package straight from the developers, even if it would take some time through patches.

I wish all the best to Crate Entertainment and Grim Dawn. Looking forward to the finished product and its expansion(s).


See you in the alpha eventually.

Welcome. Great job showing your support!!

glad you made it, and welcome to the community

Great to have more contributers! :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums​:purple_heart:.

Welcome to the Grim Side!