Greetings from an ARPG Fan

Hello, everyone, I’m Dargenus.

Decided to finally pick this up. Was kind of debating it for a while, but I am a big fan of TQ (and ARPG’s in general), so I figured least I could do is support the developers since they don’t get the proceeds from Titan Quest anymore.

Game is downloading right now. Unfortunately, my internet has been poor lately. Also had trouble playing Diablo III because of that. It’s nice that companies still make games that function offline and allow mods. Me and my buddy played a lot of TQ with Underlord and TQ Vault.

I don’t know if I’ll like Grim Dawn necessarily, since it seems a bit gloomier than my preferences tend to be, but we’ll see. Hopefully, it’ll grow on me and I can provide some useful feedback as well as find some cool people to play this with.

A wise choice I guess, and I think you won’t regret.

Welcome to the game and the forum Dargenus. You’ll find a lot of similarities with TQ, but also a lot of differences too. All for the best as you don’t want two games exactly the same.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of mods made once the game is finished. There’s already a GrimCalc, SoulSeekkor’s got GDDefiler under development and I believe a Vault is also being worked on (prays fervently).

It is gloomier, there’s no doubt, but it is a completely different world and the settings do fit with the storyline. Act 2 is brighter than Act 1 too with different terrain.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Welcome, people are really flooding in today, good to see :wink:

Welcome to the forums I hope you enjoy your stay :slight_smile: