Greetings from Canada, eh?

Hey folks.

I stumbled across this game through one of my facebook friend. After having done some reading and seeing this was from the creators of Titan Quest, I immediately wanted to support it though I am unable to right now.

Anyways, a bit about myself:

I am 30 years old(just turned) from Ontario Canada. I work full time and live with my gf and her best friend(who moved in August). I enjoy a lot of video games but definitely ARPGs.

I look forward to what Grim Dawn brings.

hi and welcome, and glad you found us, so I hope you do support GD in the near future

so enjoy your stay here and hope to see you on the forums

and if you haven’t ready, check out the recent updates on this great game, including the hero monsters update that will kick your rear if your not careful :stuck_out_tongue:

but anyway, hi and welcome

Hi and welcome to the forums.

So, you live with 2 women? … my condolences.
Getting to use the bathroom must be hard, if you only have 1.
(or do you use the WC term in Canada?)

P.S. Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay!

We have 1. We live in an apartment. I usually keep them out by stinking up the bathroom.

We all work at different times so bathroom is usually not an issue :P.

I look forward to supporting this game :D.

Welcome to the forums, Castiel, and you made it in time. GD Alpha is inching even closer by the day. Hopefully Crate suprises us and releases around the holidays (X-mas) this year.

I’m usually good for timing :D.

By then I should have the $85 slapped down ready to be in my very first alpha :D.

Seeing as you live there, I’d just like to say that Canada seems like an awesome place for a holiday! Unfortunately, I have other places on my list before it, but I’m getting off topic. Welcome to the forums :stuck_out_tongue:
Younghappy :slight_smile:

Welcome fellow Canadian! :slight_smile:

Also why not come, it is nice up here eh. :wink: I think that just spending a holiday somewhere doesn’t really do much. I think that you must live somewhere for a while to see how life really is there, that is interesting to me.

I usually content myself with a holiday at a place that seems nice, and if it is nice I stay up there for longer :stuck_out_tongue: But only a couple of months at the most. I guess Australia is the place for me :smiley:

You must not like snow :P.

haha lol (eh?) When I was in the states, my friends bugged me about it so much, by the time I left, I wasn’t saying it anymore, but until then, I never even noticed that I said it. Anyway…
Welcome to the forums…I’m a 30 y/o dude from Ontario as well…NWO to be more precise. I’m SO freakn’ excited for this game to be released. I can’t wait until Alpha, just to be able to finally get a feel for it.