Greetings from South Africa

Hello All,

I have posted details about the game on 2 of the local forums I visit and I cant wait to get my hands on this game.

I have been checking every day to see if the “Buy Now” button is working but I guess I have to wait longer :D.

I will be lurking on the forums and be one of those quite types :).

Welcome to Grim Dawn forums!

Wow, South Africa? Nice! I didn’t know that the player base extended there =O?


VeggieBoy is right … or do you have a good internet connection, so that you will be able to download GD? Anyway, welcome to the forum and a hello from Germany to you :wink:

It brings tears to my eyes that GD has extended so far :slight_smile:

You should put one of these (or something similar) somewhere on your site:
I know its freebie Blog crap, but it would be interesting to see where people play from :slight_smile:

Haha I have a pretty carp Internet connection :(. 384k Uncapped so I will be able to download it just at very slow speeds :P. We (South African community) are hoping that we will get bumped up quite high before or after the World Cup.

Oh the post was meant to be a update of sorts, just purchased the Legendary Edition :D.

Glad to see another south african in the forum :slight_smile:

Just to put the internet issue of south africa (the whole of africa) for those of you living in the 1st world

The image is from 2006 but I doubt things have changed much (in terms of africa) since then. Not that I’m complaining, I mostly just find it funny :stuck_out_tongue: