Grenado's Nonexistent Pierce damage?

not sure weather to have put this in bug reporting or here but, when I looked at my Kymons Chosen badge, I seen 100% piercing to lightning conversion, took a look at grenado and…

phys, fire and knockdown on the base skill

fire damage and chance for increased phys damage on high impact

% pierce, fire and crit damage on shattering blast.

In no way can grenado at base take advantage of the kymons badge modifier nor the % pierce on shattering blast.

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Base skill has a small amount of flat pierce damage :eek:

Base skill has 25 base flat pierce.

ok, found a bug then it seems, Grenado doesnt display the pierce damge until you invest in it. If Eis or Jiaco can move the thread then please, cause this belongs in bug reports now

without points

With points

Lmao, that fire damage came from nowhere

It shows with fire damage with no points in it but when you put points in it, it switches the fire damage to pierce damage.

blundering upon bugs ftw!