Grim Dawn at work


Im working with the emergency services and if I dont have a patient, I can do whatever I want with my time.

The working computer is quite good. I dont have install rights but Im able to download from any source I want :rolleyes::eek:

Atm I have the steam version. Anyone smarter than me knows a solution so I can play in my free time? Tales of Maj’eyal and Open TTD are working fine because I dont need to install them. I dont have a laptop.

Apologies for my english.

Um, doubt it since you’d need to install Steam to access the game from your library.

Didn’t try if it works, but you could copy your whole steam and GD folders and plant them on the work PC, without the need of installing them. I assume it would work, but would require you to download few necessary things.

Any idea about the GOG version?

You could do it from GOG, you don’t need their Galaxy option to download and install the game. You can do it with manual downloads. Just have to remember to re-download again whenever there’s an update for the game.

I would assume you still require install rights for the GOG version, which you do not have.

If your employer is actually OK with you playing games at work, then ask them to install the game.

But does the PC actually meet the graphics requirements?

Or buy your own gaming laptop and do what you want? Though this may not be an option in the OP’s case.