Grim Dawn - Best of it's kind

This game is the best of it’s kind and it’s almost exactly what this type of games should be.
From the uber complex diversity in items, builds and crafting to secret quests with multiple decisions, it has almost everything a player would have wanted when playing other games like this one.

The graphics is wonderfull, the only thing eye-hurting is the post-process, i cannot play with it on, but very thankful that almost everything in the game is optional.

In other games u can barely see what is coming and where u are, cause they are to lasy to create the entire world.

But there are a few thing missing, imo, that would make the game more enjoyable, more…not endable in some way.

The Rift/Maps system like in D3/POE !
It would be awsome to be able to open rifts that have random maps, so u dont always go and see the same place and walk the same road, and also maybe random spawn of some areas in the game.
This would be a game-changing upgrade to Grim Dawn.
This would be only to see how strong u are, how far u can go, and ofc TO FARM AND FARM AND FARM for all the new wonderfull items.

Ofc the rest is not for debate, just the ideea had to be put out.

I love this game, and i can say is one of may favorite game of all times next to divine divnity, skyrim(not online), etc.

It’s kind of a shame that it ends with the story, and u have to farm the same places every round u play.
Seeing random shaped maps with already in game arhitecture would always be something new.

Also there would be new achievements, maybe per how high of level of a rift u complete, or how many monsters u kill inside etc…
And party gaming would become more entangled, more togheterness in the play.

Keep it up with the good job, hope u dont think of making a sequel…just keep making new chapters on this one…that map seems to have at least 50 more chapters.