Grim Dawn Cosplay anyone?

Wonder if anyone’s doing this from the game?

Would be crazy to see someone walking around as Loghorrean or Kr’vall, Kuba, etc.

I actually wanted to go to Twitch Con as a Loghorrean. Unfortunately, I could not reach the destination, because I could not move. I mean, I dressed as a immobile ugly bullshit, so I should’ve thought about it before choosing to cosplay it…

I’m joking btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even know that twitch con existed. I was a happier person.

I could dress up as Zantai, should be minimal effort considering that I am also a nerdy looking dude with glasses :cool: I need a cat though…

Nice idea :smiley:

Grunge, someone has done cosplay with some gear from the game.

No tits?
Bad cosplay.

Yea, we need to see a loading screen girl cosplay.

Only if someone does FG man as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything but She-Lokarr :furious:

Couldn’t tell the difference anyway under all them robes. :smiley: