Grim Dawn Definitive Edition now available on Steam!

I don’t know what you’re asking about, honestly.

Wlel, Zantai said a while ago he thought Medierra would do a bundle at some point so I guess the decision is Crate’s to make.

Maybe will there be a bundle for GOG as well?

They’ve been great about updates so far, but I still have to ask…

The definitive edition; when will it come to GoG?

I am trying to convince my friends to buy it but crucible dlc is making it difficult :gazer:

The way GOG does bundles is not the same as Steam (on Steam you can purchase a bundle partially if you already own parts of it), so if it does come to GOG, it would not be the same format of deal but rather an option for new players to purchase everything at once, or for players that want to gift the extra copies to friends.

Fair enough, thanks for the answer, either way I’m glad I bought it! :smiley:

Hm, did we ever have a Lokarr / Crucible wallpaper like we did for GD and the two expansions ? It’s shown on the definitive edition, but I don’t think we ever got a full sized 1920x1080 of it…

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no, dont ever talk about Lokarr, he’ll just come out of nowhere and brag like he’s powerful enough to take us head on.

on topic: Definitive Edition should sell well. More Crate money means more expa… oh wait.

Definitive Edition pretty much seals the deal in regards of major content, in case anyone was still wondering.

at least there is still hope for another loyalist pack!

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< posted this on all my usual forums >

$28 for everything?? Crazy-town.

Now please - make a third Loyalist Pack so we can continue “guilting” you guys into creating additional content/patches :clap:

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Zantai, i want to thank you and all Crate team for this great game!

Since D2 i was expecting something like this! Dark, great lote, more dark, a nice community and all other stuffs that Just a pretty decent ARPG must have.

Bring us more!


Here we are! Couldn’t say more thank-you at the point of time about how much fun and how important this game has become in my life. Never expected to have spent much time on games, not to mention thousands of hours! What a great game!

Wish you all the best in your next advanture!

Hopefully GD2 is at some place where we can meet in the near future!

Edit 1, I know you guys said there wouldn’t be any more DLCs. But it won’t be a bad idea to release more contents like the Crucible which is independent to the main game so its release won’t stir up the hard-worked balance, but is also solid content added to the general game experience. Hope you can consider about it.

So this is it, crate. Almost the end of era. Thanks for making me invested in all these years. This is the first time I play a pc game until 2k hours. Last time is Yu-Gi-Oh, but that’s not a pc game… :smile:

I wish for the best of luck to your next upcoming game!

PS: unnerf stormbox base skill and remove that damage penalty in RoH.

Good to see this being available in one package.

I wouldn’t mind another Loyalist Pack as well!

Well, that’s already more or less confirmed.

Thanks for pointing it out, I almost missed my name being mentioned by just another pathetic mortal.

All good things come to an end, eh?
I can’t wait to play next game from Crate. Hope you will make it big with the town builder!

too bad you will never get a constellation let alone a dedicated loading screen :smiling_imp: