Grim Dawn DLC and further updates

Hello did the Crucible DLC introduced something new to regular campaing i mean items and class balances for example ? I’ve read the patchnotes and didnt find anything like that but want to be sure, also do i have to get crucible to get any further updates ? Thanks for answers, cheers :slight_smile:

There is no new item specific to crucible nor is it mandatory but its is the best place to farm items

As dekaron has said, there’s nothing in the crucible that isn’t in the normal game and it’s not an obligatory item to have, to get any further updates etc. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

it’s mandatory for all players, otherwise we’ll get a horrible xpac if we dont buy this dlc:rolleyes:

Thanks for all the answers :slight_smile:

Figure I’d chime in too…

Crucible is certainly nice to have and a good place to farm items, but it’s important to note, it’s good place to farm item once you have a decent set of gear to be able to push the higher waves on at least Challenger Difficulty (the 2nd one)…

Gladiator (the last difficulty) I find can be a little brutal if you don’t follow a well documented meta type build that are usually around the builds forums. So don’t expect to be rolling in legendaries like the moment you buy the DLC if you do, heh.

Is it worth the 5 bucks? Yea I think so, as it’s another diversion at least from the main game… Granted, I kind of wish the Waves weren’t unique, I wish they randomized it up a bit, cause like the main game, if you constantly do the Crucible over and over, it can get super boring because you exactly know what to expect in each wave and all.

And as other have said not required for you to enjoy or play the main story at all… Now this expansion coming out sometime this year, that’s gonna be a whole different matter and naturally can’t wait for it :slight_smile: