Grim Dawn has everything I've ever wanted.

Hi All,

Crate has taken everything good that exists in IARPGs (Isometric Action RPGs) and shoved it into one great game!
I only started playing Grim Dawn just before the release of Ashes of Malmouth. It is literally the only game I have ever played where upon stumbling on it I decided to literally start learning the game’s ins and outs.

I recently got back into the game as I was busy with some studies, and I am excited for the upcoming expansion as well.

I will be building my characters up furiously and hope to add great content one day.

List of things that got me in this game instantly:
Character Progression and Constellations.
Theme and setting.

Amen and welcome to the club.

Good to hear and welcome back to the game. And to the forum of course. :slight_smile: Back to gaming just in time for the new expansion as well which will be released some time in the 1st quarter 2019.

The development updates since that announcement have given us more info on what’s coming our way and I’ve compiled the info that’s been announced in the live dev streams that are broadcast on Twitch TV on a fairly regular basis. That info is in these two threads.

Add me on steam (same name). I love anyone who loves GD as much as I do. I am stuck on the playtest version atm but when FG drops we’ll play together for sure. Join the Discord server if you want more active discussion with the community, and feel free to hit me up personally about the game or whatever.

Welcome to the club. With the time i spent on this game i could have learnt how to pilot an airbus. Not that i regret it but…

Right?!?!?! This game is such a labor of love, and it’s been beautifully polished. And it is what I had been looking for after diablo2.

Wow, thanks for all the welcome wishes!

Diablo 2 was good, a pioneer of the genre, Grim Dawn perfected it!

The good news is that putting on Grim Dawn hours doesn’t seem as wasteful as most other games. :slight_smile:

I play my GD on GOG but I’m sure it’s all good. Necroticah on Steam

@Medea, thanks for that info, I will be checking it out for sure!

Amen to you too brother!

If you want to catch the dev streams they get announced in this thread.

They’re on Fridays at 2pm US East Coast time and last about and hour and a half, sometimes a bit more. They’re not every week, but as we get closer to the FG release they’ll probably become bi-weekly or even weekly if we’re lucky.